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Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children have new rules to follow at home. Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 6, are reportedly doing more things on their own — think snacks and cleaning — as the Princess of Wales undergoes cancer treatment. 

The Wales kids have ‘new rules’ at home during Kate’s cancer treatment

Per an OK! Magazine report, George, Charlotte, and Louis are doing what they can to lighten the load on their parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales, as their 42-year-old mother undergoes cancer treatment. 

Kate announced her diagnosis in a short video on March 22, 2024. However, she didn’t specify the type or stage, just that she’s in the “early” stages of preventative chemotherapy. 

George, Charlotte, and Louis “are following some new rules,” a source told the publication. That means “picking up after themselves and making their own snacks.” 

That’s not all. They’re also “making sure to wash their hands more often because Kate can’t be exposed to germs while she’s going through chemo.” 

The source went on to say the Prince and Princess of Wales’ oldest, George, has been someone for his sister, Charlotte, to look up to in following the “new rules.” 

“George, who has always been wiser than his years, has been a real role model, especially to Charlotte,” they said.” As for Louis, the youngest of the Wales kids who turned 6 on April 23, 2024, Charlotte “loves keeping” him “in line.”

George, Charlotte, and Louis know Kate’s cancer ‘situation is serious’ 

Although Kate shared she’s “getting stronger” in her March 22 announcement, it’s still “serious,” and George, Charlotte, and Louis know it. “They know their mom’s situation is serious,” a source said. “And it’s been really scary for them.” 

The Wales kids returned to school on April 17, 2024, following a few weeks of family time at Anmer Hall, their country home in Norfolk, England. 

Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton, who has been a major source of support, is believed to have joined them. Additionally, any mention of Kate’s cancer diagnosis around the kids reportedly didn’t happen

As for what Kate told George, Charlotte, and Louis about her diagnosis, the Princess of Wales revealed a little bit of what she said in her announcement. 

Not only did she “reassure them” that she is “going to be OK,” but Kate also told the kids she is “well and stronger every day.” 

William’s trying to ‘manage’ the kids’ ‘fears’ as he spearheads ‘parental responsibilities’ 

William’s back to carrying out royal duties. But that doesn’t mean things at home have quieted down all that much. He’s trying to be there for George, Charlotte, and Louis while also shouldering “parental responsibilities” as Kate recovers. 

He “is doing his best to manage their fears while also sharing his own feelings in a way that perhaps his own father didn’t do so well,” the source said. 

“William is determined to take on all of the parental responsibilities while Kate is recovering,” they added, saying that “it’s been the hardest job of his life.”

William went back to work on April 18, 2024, the day after George, Charlotte, and Louis returned to school following Easter break. That day he promised to take of Kate.