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Gilmore Girls is largely known for its flawed but largely loveable characters. Fans even love the background characters. While most of the people who walked in and out of Rory and Lorelai Gilmore’s lives were relatable and likable, a few characters simply didn’t hit right for fans. We’ve collected three minor, but incredibly irritating side characters. 

Louise Grant was completely one dimensional

Chilton was the entire reason Lorelai Gilmore and Rory Gilmore reconnected with Richard and Emily Gilmore. Rory’s schooling was an important part of the show’s premise. Still, most of Chilton’s students were boring and completely one-dimensional. There was no Chilton student nearly as one-dimensional as Louise Grant, though.

Louise was part of Paris Geller’s posse when Rory started at Chilton. She seemed like she would be a somewhat important character, and then nothing happened with her. Louise was boy crazy and shallow. That would have been OK, but Amy Sherman-Palladino never developed the character beyond that. She didn’t show glimpses of vulnerability like Madeline Lynn. She wasn’t outwardly hostile like Francie. Louise was just simply there, and that’s irksome. She could have been so much more interesting.

Rune was, by far, the most annoying character in ‘Gilmore Girls’

Louise’s lack of development was irritating, but Rune was just a horrible character all around. Rune appeared in season 1 as Jackson Bellville’s ill-mannered cousin. Not only did he interfere with Jackson and Sookie St. James’ very first date, but he insulted Lorelai to top it off.

Rune seemed like he’d appear in just a single episode. That would have been preferable to most fans. Instead, he appeared a handful of times. Surprisingly, he was more hateful with each appearance. He was awful even when people were doing him a favor. To be fair, Rune wasn’t the only horrible Belleville family member. One Reddit user notes both Beau and Jackson Belleville were awful in their own ways.

Liz Danes made very little sense as a character

Luke Danes was a little grumpy but down-to-earth, helpful, and incredibly responsible. He managed his own business and had the knowledge and tools to deal with just about any issue that came up. His sister, Liz Danes, was the exact opposite.


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Before Gilmore Girls fans met Liz, they heard about her. Luke mentioned her right before Jess Mariano, her son, arrived to stay with Luke. Liz was flighty, irresponsible, and opposed to managing her problems. While nothing was inherently wrong with her, her impulsive nature and lofty expectations were irritating. While her husband, TJ, was equally annoying, he largely got a pass because he was perceived as foolish. Liz was clearly capable; she was just too comfortable letting her brother fix her problems.