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Gilmore Girls might be about a mother-daughter duo, but the food they consumed was an important element of almost every episode. While Rory and Lorelai Gilmore spent most of their meals at Luke’s Diner or Richard and Emily Gilmore’s house, every so often, they strayed from Luke and picked up food from a different local establishment. Occasionally, Rory and Lorelai consumed dinner from Jojo’s, an establishment that was spoken about often but rarely seen. You might not have noticed that Jojo’s entire menu was featured in a season 1 episode. 

What were the dining options in Stars Hollow? 

When the Gilmore girls aren’t hanging out at Luke’s diner, they are sampling the other food offerings in Stars Hollow. For a tiny hamlet, there were plenty of places to grab a bite to eat. The Hungry Diner is patronized by Lorelai and Rory when absolutely necessary. The duo also spends time at Weston’s Bakery and regularly orders from Al’s Pancake World. Jojo’s is routinely mentioned, and there is the Independence Inn and, later, The Dragonfly Inn, where Sookie St. James works her kitchen magic. 

For pizza or higher-end Italian grub, the residents of Stars Hollow ate at Antonioli’s. Antonioli’s should not be confused with Andoloro’s, a trattoria that Dean and Rory visited exactly once. The eatery was never mentioned again. Rory also orders from Sandeep’s, an Indian restaurant.

Jojo’s entire menu was seen on ‘Gilmore Girls’ multiple times 

While Gilmore Girls fans never learned the full menu of most of the town’s dining establishments, Jojo’s menu was featured multiple times in the series. The walk-up cafe’s menu was featured in both season 1 and season 2 of the series. However, the eatery was mentioned numerous other times, suggesting Jojo’s was a longstanding business in the town. So, what exactly was on the subpar menu at Jojo’s? 

Max Medina and Lorelai Gilmore grab food from Jojo's in seaosn 1 of 'Gilmore Girls'
Max Medina and Lorelai Gilmore | Netflix

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Jojo’s Fiesta burger was the biggest seller on the menu, or, at the very least, one that people found most intriguing. The Fiesta burger was the burger that Max Medina opted to consume on his very first, completely spontaneous date with Lorelai. To be fair, though, the Fiesta burger wasn’t competing with many other offerings. 

In total, Jojo’s had just eight menu items, four of which were burgers. Along with the Fiesta burger, diners could opt for a regular hamburger, a traditional cheeseburger, or a bar-b-que burger. For those not in the mood for burgers, the establishment offered hot dogs and a sausage, onion, and pepper hero (often called a grinder in Connecticut). A couple of sides, like french fries and onion rings, rounded out the menu. The only beverage offering on the menu was soda.