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Gilmore Girls is the gift that keeps on giving. They gave us seven seasons plus an extra Netflix season. It’s still there to binge over and over again. Scott Patterson is doing a podcast revisiting all the episodes. In fact, Gilmore Girls even got Rose Abdoo out of jury duty. 

'Gilmore Girls' star Rose Abdoo smiles on the 'Hacks' red carpet
Rose Abdoo | Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage

Abdoo played Gypsy, the Stars Hollow auto mechanic who appeared in seasons 2 through 7. She appeared on Patterson’s I Am All In podcast on Dec. 30 live from the Warner Bros. studio lot and shared this story. 

Civic duty still calls the cast of ‘Gilmore Girls’

Civic duty applies to everyone, even working actors from hit TV shows. Abdoo got the summons for jury duty and made it to jury selection. She admits she adopted her Gilmore Girls persona to try to ensure the lawyers wouldn’t select her. 

“It happened to me at jury duty,” Abdoo said on I Am All In. “I really wanted to get out of jury duty and they questioned me. Can you be fair and impartial? I went, ‘I don’t think I can,’ but I was just kidding around, kind of as me, partly as Gypsy.”

The judge was a ‘Gilmore Girls’ fan

Don’t try this at home, Gilmore Girls fans. You really should serve your civic duty. But the judge caught onto Abdoo’s act because he was a fan himself. 

“The judge actually went, ‘We’re going to dismiss Ms. Abdoo. And Ms. Abdoo, please tell Lorelai Gilmore we say hello,’” Abdoo said.

‘Gilmore Girls’ star Rose Abdoo meets fans of all ages

It didn’t totally surprise Abdoo that the judge watched Gilmore Girls. He was likely near the end of his term on the bench, but the show appeals to all ages. 

“This older judge, he was almost in his 70s, and he’s like, ‘I’m a big fan,’” Abdoo said.

But, Abdoo meets Gilmore Girls fans of all ages both in and out of the courtroom. Abdoo said it speaks to the show’s generational appeal and the generations of women in the Gilmore family. 

“I feel so lucky to be a member of what I like to call the Gilmore universe,” Abdoo said. “You are the nicest fans. I feel so blessed to meet people that say I watched it with my mom and now my daughter watches it with me. One time I even met a little girl that said, ‘I watch it with my mom and she watches it with her mom and she watches it with her mom and she watches it with her mom.’ and I was like you’re like Grandma and Emily and Lorelei and Rory. It’s very, very exciting.”