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Can we all agree that Alex and Meredith have been through a lot over the past 14 years? There aren’t many original cast members left on Grey’s Anatomy. That might be why the hit show has surpassed every other medical drama, including ER. Bringing in new faces keeps the show fresh.

One reason so many people tune in each week is to watch Alex and Meredith, played by Justin Chambers and Ellen Pompeo. Their relationship has been complicated from the start, and that’s putting it mildly. At times their on-screen chemistry has even looked romantic.

This caused many fans and shippers to wonder if the writers are going to have them hook up. After all, they did start out as enemies in the beginning. If they’re purposely making these two characters evolve together, then it stands to reason they might go all the way. Are Alex and Meredith friends in real life?

Alex and Meredith on-screen enemies

Grey's Anatomy
Grey’s Anatomy | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

Take a trip with us all the way back to season’s one and two of Grey’s Anatomy. If you remember, Alex and Meredith were not close; they weren’t even friends. It’s not like they were punching each other in the face or anything. They just didn’t get along.

Most of the conflicts with the original characters often revolved around Alex. He spent a lot of time trying to distance himself from Meredith, Christina, and Izzy. He also made a lot of bad choices that rubbed everyone the wrong way.

Over time their relationship evolved because he started to soften a little and let them in. They both had to deal with a lot of loss and people leaving them. That kind of forced them to come together. Of course, that is all part of the show.

Over time they became friends on the show

It took Izzy getting brain cancer for Alex and Meredith to come together. She was a sort of glue for the group and fear that she would die caused them all to grow closer. Meredith even gave up her wedding so that they could get married.

Then there was the time after the plane crash when Alex felt guilty. He decided he needed to leave for a fresh start. That was not okay with Meredith, and after a big fight, they ended up apologizing over tequila in an airport bar. She obviously convinced him to stay.

They just continued to grow as friends, to the point that many people now believe it is leading to romance. Over time he has become her “person,” and that is not something either one of them takes lightly. Even when Jo begged Alex to be a bigger priority in his life, he still put Meredith first.

One can’t help but wonder if this on-screen friendship is so important and pivotal to Grey’s because they feel the same way in real life. Doesn’t on-screen chemistry usually come from real life feelings? Then again, Meredith and Derek had an epic love on-screen, but in real life, Pompeo and Dempsey didn’t get along at all.

Are Alex and Meredith friends in real life?

Since Justin Chambers and Ellen Pompeo are the few veterans left on Grey’s Anatomy, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that they have spent a lot of time together. They have had time to share their lives together and build a strong bond.

When asked about Alex Karev, possibly being a love interest for Meredith, Pompeo told E! News, “Justin is one of my favorite people on the planet. We’re really close, and it does feel weird. To potentially maybe have him as a love interest would be like kissing my brother.”

I guess you might say that they are more than friends in real life, they are like family. 

Because Alex and Meredith are so close in real life, it would be strange for them to hook up, but according to Shonda Rhimes, it might still happen.

When Entertainment Weekly asked Rhimes if she would ever consider giving shippers what they want, she said, “I’ve learned to never say never at this point.”