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Gwen Stefani isn’t from Oklahoma, but she adores living there with Blake Shelton. As a California girl who didn’t grow up with country music, Stefani was in for culture shock when she moved to the countryside. A source recently shared that she “loves” her kids getting out of the big city of Los Angeles to experience Oklahoma with Blake Shelton.

Gwen Stefani loves that her kids get to enjoy country life away from Los Angeles

Gwen Stefani has three kids with Gavin Rossdale — Kingston, 17, Zuma, 15, and Apollo, 10. The No Doubt frontwoman grew up in Anaheim, California, and Rossdale lives in LA. Stefani and Rossdale split time with their three kids. While Rossdale’s home offers the children the experience of the big city, Stefani and Blake Shelton give her kids a different experience in Oklahoma.

“Blake has a very close bond with all the boys,” a source told Us Weekly. “He loves taking them out to farm on the ranch with him, and they spend almost all of their free time together. It makes Gwen feel so much joy seeing how close they all are.”

Another source added that Stefani “loves” her kids getting to live in the country. “Gwen loves that the boys [now] have that experience in their childhood,” they told the publication.

In September 2023, Stefani talked candidly about living in Oklahoma with Shelton. While she never envisioned herself ending up in the country, she’s come to love the natural beauty and splendor of the country landscapes.

“I am not really a dirt person, a bug person; I don’t like that much humidity,” she joked with People. “But it’s so beautiful [in Oklahoma], and you kind of feel like you’re going into this vortex. Nature — and God — is all right there.”

Blake Shelton said that being a stepdad has ‘changed’ his ‘perspective’ on life

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton posing on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with Stefani's three kids, Apollo, Zuma, and Kingston, and Stefani's parents, Patti Flynn and Dennis Stefani
Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton with Stefani’s 3 kids on the Hollywood Walk of Fame | Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

Blake Shelton Says Stepparenting Gwen Stefani’s Kids Can Be ‘More Difficult’ Than Being Their Biological Dad

Blake Shelton has no biological children but became a stepdad after marrying Gwen Stefani. He adores her three kids and discussed how the stepfather responsibility has “changed” his “perspective.”

“I think being a stepdad has changed my perspective in that I’m not the first person that I think about anymore, you know?” he told Access Hollywood. “Even to the smallest, little things. When you go, ‘I think I’ll do this,’ the very next thought is always, well, wait a minute, how’s that going to work? What will they think, or how will that affect a schedule, or, you know.”

Shelton stepped away from judging The Voice after 23 seasons. He said a big part of this decision was because he wanted to spend more time with his family.

“And so, I think, the only way for me to do that right is to step away from being committed to something like The Voice that demands a lot of your time,” he continued. “There’s no way around it. If you’re going to do it and do it right, you have to be 150% in.”

Blake Shelton had ‘so much fun’ at Coachella with Gwen Stefani’s son, Apollo

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are still dedicated to their music endeavors. Stefani rejoined No Doubt to play at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in April 2024. Shelton attended the festival with Stefani’s youngest son, Apollo, and they had a blast.

“Blake is the most supportive husband,” a source told Us Weekly. “They had so much fun at Coachella. Blake thinks Gwen’s a rock star.”

“The greatest concert I’ve ever seen,” Shelton told Entertainment Tonight regarding No Doubt. “I’ve never seen Gwen perform like that. It’s a different kind of performance with No Doubt than when it’s Gwen, you know? It’s just a different kind of energy.”

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