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Halloween Kills ups the chaos factor when Michael Myers survives a fire to restart his vicious murder cycle. Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode learns her nemesis has more lives than a cat and won’t stop killing on this ill-fated Halloween night. It’s old hat for Curtis, but even after multiple sequels and the latest reboot, there is something about the Halloween Kills film that she still couldn’t stomach.

'Halloween Kills' killer Michael Myers escaping from a house on fire
Michael Myers in ‘Halloween Kills’ | Ryan Green/Universal Pictures

Jamie Lee Curtis is not a fan of ‘Halloween Kills’ gore

From the first trailer for Halloween Kills, it became obvious that Michael Myers intended to destroy the environment with his victims’ blood. Throughout the franchise, he’s had moments where the blood spatters hit the camera lens and sticks to the screen. As Curtis describes it, he’s “brutal.”

Though fans know that no matter how many of these films get churned out, one can expect bloodshed. But to Curtis, this movie goes beyond, and she can barely stomach it. She believes the fire fiasco pushes Michael to be even more manic.

“For people who love slasher movies, you’re gonna love it. For people who don’t, you’re gonna hate it,” she said in an interview with BackstageOL.

“I’m somebody who doesn’t like slasher movies. I just did a narration for this movie. The entire time I’m doing the narration — I’ve seen the movie eight times — like this. I’m doing the narration like this. I can’t,” Curtis said as she gestured and covered her face.

Why Curtis has stayed with the ‘Halloween’ franchise

Though she admits that she has an aversion to the gory slasher genre, Curtis has been with the Halloween movie series since 1978. There’s a reason for that.

During her chat with Dead Meat, she explained that it’s because of her character, Laurie Strode. She pointed to how John Carpenter cast her in the first film.

“The fact that I was chosen to play a character that wasn’t me was thrilling to me. And I think that’s why I’ve stuck around all these years because it’s really a wonderful, complex, and interesting person. What John gave me in 1978 and what David gave me in 2018 was a character. And, for me, I owe my career to that woman and those people that gave me the opportunity,” she said.


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‘Halloween Ends’ will pit Laurie against Michael Myers

David Gordon Green has one more installment to offer up in his reboot, and that’s Halloween Ends. Given how Halloween Kills leaves the story on a cliffhanger, Laurie Strode marches into the final film with a warrior spirit. But will she go dark?

Curtis has teetered on whether this will be her last dance with the franchise, but her character is set to take on Michael in a grand showdown. Following what happens to her family in Halloween Kills, fans should expect to see a higher degree of fury. Curtis expressed that Laurie was ready to die at the end of the 2018 film because she believed she took Michael out. Trauma and anger fueled her.

When she closes out Green’s trilogy, her fear of death will probably be close to non-existent. Halloween Ends arrives in theaters on Oct. 14, 2022.