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Things are better between King Charles III and Prince William because of Kate Middleton. A commentator says the Princess of Wales’s presence has acted as a “healing balm” to her husband, the Prince of Wales’ relationship with his father, which “hasn’t always been the easiest.” 

Kate has helped improve King Charles and William’s relationship 

Kate’s not only British royalty but something of a salve to relationships. In particular, that of her husband, William, 41, and father-in-law, King Charles, 75. 

The feat is something considering their relationship “hasn’t always been the easiest,” Victoria Arbiter told True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat (via The Mirror). 

When Kate joined the royal family in 2011, she brought with her “warmth,” acting as a “healing balm” for William and his father.

“I think we can look at Kate—she’s so close to her own family. Family is so important to her,” Arbiter said. 

Indeed, Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton, is reportedly helping out the Wales family. So much, in fact, she’s taken on something of a Mary Poppins role.  Not to mention, Kate’s parents and siblings have been described as her “rock.”  

“[Kate] has been a really wonderful healing balm for Prince William and his father, as well. Because that relationship hasn’t always been the easiest,” the commentator continued. “I think she’s just managed to bring a real sense of warmth and camaraderie and family to the royal family.”

The king and William have grown closer due to their ‘twin burdens’ 

Being destined for the throne has strengthened William’s bond, too. According to Robert Hardman, a royal author, the more involved William gets, the more appreciation he has for his father.

“The Prince of Wales’s relationship with the King has been strengthened by the twin burdens of their new roles,” Hardman wrote in Charles III (via Hello! Magazine). It seems “periodic broadsides from California” — ahem, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle — have helped too. 

The more William takes part in duties, the more, Hardman claimed, he’s become closer to King Charles. “The more that the heir to the throne becomes involved in the running of the Duchy of Cornwall and the royal estates,” he wrote, “the more he has come to appreciate his father’s dedication and his achievements over the years.” 

Kate’s own relationship with Charles has grown stronger amid cancer battles

William is not the only one who is closer to the king. Kate’s also said to have a strong bond with her father-in-law, which, per Arbiter, has presumably grown deeper since they’ve both been diagnosed with cancer. 

They “would have found tremendous comfort in each other, going through something so similar,” Arbiter said. 

King Charles announced his diagnosis in early February 2024. Meanwhile, Kate went public with the news of her own diagnosis in a rare video statement on March 22, 2024. Both are now undergoing treatment. 

They [Charles and Kate] are very close, and he thinks of Catherine as his daughter,” a source told The Sun. “There is no doubt there is a lot they can share and can use each other for support during their own deeply personal cancer battles.”

King Charles reportedly had lunch with Kate before she announced her cancer diagnosis and left feeling “emotional.” Previously, the king visited Kate in the hospital when they were both patients at The London Clinic. 

For more proof that the two are close, look no further than Buckingham Palace’s statement on behalf of the king shortly after Kate went public with her diagnosis. The palace said King Charles stayed in the “closest contact with his beloved daughter-in-law” in the weeks ahead of the announcement.