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Pop star Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce finally confirmed their romance rumors during a recent outing in New York City. On Oct. 14, cameras captured the pair holding hands as they went to dinner and attended a Saturday Night Live afterparty following their appearances on the show.

Now that their secret is out, a body language expert is weighing in on what he observed Kelce doing that is so different from anyone else Swift has ever dated.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have dinner in New York City
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have dinner in New York City | Gotham/GC Images

Expert thinks Kelce and Swift’s romantic connection just started

Darren Stanton is a body language and behavioral expert with a degree in psychology. He previously worked as a police officer and used his expertise to uncover the truth when interviewing hundreds of suspects. He later moved into media and TV as a consultant and has been dubbed the “Human Lie Detector.” 

The body language guru thinks the relationship between Kelce and Swift has really blossomed into something romantic over the last few weeks. He noted that when they left the stadium the day Swift was spotted for the first time at a Chiefs game it didn’t look like anything serious.

 “As she walked alongside Travis, they were not holding hands. She didn’t have her arms in his, so I can’t see anything that could allude to them being romantically involved,” Stanton told Spin Genie at the time. “She did seem genuinely happy when cheering him on, but there are no gestures when they are together that suggest anything of a romantic nature.”

Kelce’s persona is much different than other people Swift has dated

Stanton discussed the difference in their body language now compared to when we first saw them together on Sept. 24, as well as how the athlete’s persona is different from a lot of Swift’s exes.

After analyzing several photos of the couple in NYC, Stanton explained via Spin Genie: “These are great pictures of Taylor and Travis — very revealing and very telling, with the duo appearing extremely tactile with one another. Previously, it wasn’t clear whether it was a proper relationship and the duo seemed to lack connection — however, the latest images tell a different story and there’s been a notable shift in their body language. It’s very clear there is a romantic connection between the two now, they show a real intensity and a high level of affection.” 

He continued: “Travis has his hand on Taylor’s backside in public and he also has his arm around her in some intimate places, so that tells me that they’ve formed a deep relationship. Generally, when people are in public they tend to be quite reserved in terms of how tactile they are, yet here it’s clear Travis and Taylor don’t care who they are seen by and are more than happy to show public displays of affection. This would suggest that their romance is quite full on already in its early stages. 

“Taylor is laughing and seems genuinely happy, while Travis appears an alpha male, with his hands all over her … He has a very dominating presence and seems to have a different persona to those Taylor has dated in the past. It’s interesting as it’s usually Taylor who appears more dominant within her relationships, suggesting she could be willing to try something different this time.”

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