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If you’re a big fan of the TV show Good Trouble, you’ve probably been waiting to hear when season 4 returns. The series tends to have long breaks, so it can be tough to wait for the next episode. Well, we have some good news for you. Here’s when you can expect the Good Trouble cast to return.

When does ‘Good Trouble’ Season 4 return?

Good Trouble Season 4 returns to FreeForm on July 7. During episode 10, titled “What I Wouldn’t Give for Love,” Davia reveals her true feelings to Dennis and Malika navigates the possibility of Angelica seeing other people.

Undoubtedly, fans will look for episode 10 to answer some of the lingering questions brought up by season 4 so far.

What happened this season on ‘Good Trouble’

Callie and Mariana

'The Good Trouble' Season 4 cast laughs at the pool.
The Good Trouble cast | Troy Harvey/Freeform via Getty Images

Good Trouble left off with episode 9, titled “That’s Me in the Spotlight.” During the previous episodes, we got to see each of the relationships on the show go through many changes. One big change was that Callie (played by Maia Mitchell) left to take a job in Washington, D.C. This caused a rupture in her relationship with Mariana (played by Cierra Ramirez).

Callie waited until two days before she was supposed to leave to tell her about the move. Once she left, Callie called Mariana, but the calls were sent to voicemail. Mariana later admitted she was angry with Callie. Fortunately, the sisters made up and began talking again.

Davia and Dennis

Davia and Dennis briefly hit a rough patch in Good Trouble Season 4. Davia initially decided not to be with Dennis because she felt he only needed her and didn’t really want her. Her doubts about Dennis continued after he began spending more time with Isabella. Davia saw how close they were getting and thought Isabella was his “person” now. This made her realize she really wanted to be with Dennis.

Davia and Dennis had a conversation after his 40th birthday party, and he let her know that he didn’t just need her; he also wanted her. Now that Davia is no longer dating her former co-worker, it looks like things might be back on track for these two.

Mariana and Evan

Mariana and Evan broke up, but it’s clear they still care for each other. There was a lot of chemistry between them during their last meeting. Mariana’s co-workers even saw how much unfinished business remained between the former couple.

Although they were against it before, Mariana’s co-workers give the green light to date Evan again. The only problem is that Evan walked in on Mariana kissing her housemate, Joaquin. Although Joaquin kissed Mariana first, Evan will likely have a tough time understanding what really happened.

Malika and Dyonte

The same can’t be said for Malika and Dyonte in Good Trouble Season 4. Things became tense after Dyonte asked Malika to be his primary partner. She says it’s too soon, but the real reason she is hesitating is because of her strong feelings for Angelica (previously played by Odelya Halevi).

Malika and Dyonte got into an argument after she decided not to attend a protest with him. During their heated exchange, Malika says he relies too heavily on the women in his life. She also revealed that she was originally offered his job, but she turned it down. Malika and Dyonte decide to part ways. It’s not clear if this separation will be temporary or permanent.

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