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Blake Shelton has been very busy these last few years. In the last decade, Shelton has had a divorce, a new romance, several No. 1 hits, and has toured around the globe a few times to sing his feel-good country lyrics. And while all of this has been going on, Shelton has also been holding down his spot as the longest-reigning judge for NBC’s hit singing competition show, The Voice.

So, with Blake’s very busy schedule, has he had time to make many albums? Keep reading to find out how many albums Blake Shelton has made throughout his career.

When did Blake Shelton get his start in the music industry?

Blake Shelton performs onstage
Blake Shelton | Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeart

 Shelton was born and raised in Ada, Oklahoma. From the time that he was around 16 years old, he would sing at local bars and clubs and was soon a local celebrity. It was around that time that he had won the Denbo Diamond Award, which is a prestigious award given to talented artists in Oklahoma.

After graduating high school, Shelton left Oklahoma and moved to Nashville to become a singer and songwriter. After writing a few successful hits, he was signed to Giant Records and released his first album in 2002. His first single, entitled Austin, quickly made its way to the top of the Billboard music charts where it had stayed in the number one spot for several weeks.

When fans heard Shelton on the radio for the first time, they were able to immediately connect with him. His songs were able to perfectly combine the sounds of classic country with just a touch of modern twang to make a unique, southern sound.

Today, Shelton has won several awards for his outstanding musical talents and has countless songs that have made it to the top of the music charts.

Blake Shelton’s other career moves

Besides being one of the most talented singers in country music history, Shelton is also one of the most-loved judges on The Voice. Blake has sat in the rotating chair since the show’s debut back in 2011 and is the only coach who has been on the judging panel since day one of the show.

During his time on the show, Shelton has won six times. And he has taken most of his winning contestants on tour with him after the show has finished for the season.

Shelton has also recently found that he likes to use his voice for more than just singing. This year, he did the voice of Ox in the highly-anticipated animated motion picture Ugly Dolls.

Shelton also owns three restaurants called Ole Red. The restaurants are located in Oklahoma, Nashville, and Gaitlenville. He is expected to open an Ole Red restaurant in Orlando next year.

How many albums has Blake Shelton Made?

 Throughout his career, Shelton has released 40 different singles, 11 studio albums, and five different compilation albums. Two of his studio albums, entitled Red River Blue and Based On a True Story went double platinum. One of his compilation albums, entitled, Loaded: The Best Of Blake Shelton has also gone double platinum.

In addition to his many successful records, Shelton has also released several singles that have gone straight to the top. Some of his most popular singles include Boys ‘Round Here, God Gave Me You, and Honey Bee. All three of those songs have been downloaded more than 3 million times each.

Shelton got his first big break in country music in 2001. Since then, he has had one of the most successful careers out of any male country singer of our time. Not only is he a future Country Music Hall of Famer, but he is also one of the most beloved musicians the Nashville has ever seen.