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Meghan Markle’s family troubles have been in the media’s spotlight since her engagement to Prince Harry. The stunt pulled by Thomas Markle Sr ahead of Meghan Markle’s wedding, where he worked with the press to pose for embarrassing photographs, was only one of the most famous Markle family dramas. It appears the entire family has a flare for dramatics and a very broken bond.

But fans can’t help but wonder whether Markle’s family is profiting from all this negative press. Why else, after all, would family issues continue bubbling to the surface despite being stamped out time and again? So, does Meghan Markle’s family profit from all their negative press? If so, how much?

Samantha Markle is cashing in on the royal baby

Samantha Markle, age 54, is Meghan’s half-sister, and she’s gotten a big payday from the royal baby before it was even born. According to sources, Samantha has earned an estimated E100,000 in profits through the press already. It was earned via two television documentaries, several chat shows, a book, and an incredible salary of E2,000 an hour for interviews.

The same source has spoken out in Samantha Markle’s defense: “Samantha has every right to celebrate the birth of her niece or nephew in spring and will talk about her connection to Meghan, as they are family. She does not have an outlandish lifestyle so the money will make a difference to her. She has never been given a penny by Meghan so she has every right to earn her own money in this way.”

Thomas Markle makes money stirring up controversy

Meghan and Harry together smiling
Meghan Markle’s royal wedding | Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Thomas Markle is Meghan Markle’s father. He is most famous for taking payment to stage embarrassing photographs ahead of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding, although sources state nobody knows exactly how much he was offered to do such a thing. Many assume it must have been a considerable amount for a father to be willing to draw attention from his own daughter’s wedding.

That isn’t the only way he has cashed in on his daughter’s rise to royalty, however. Thomas Markle has been making money by stirring up controversy. Each time he sits down to slam the royal family – and his daughter with them, of course – he earns an estimated $10,000. Some sources state the sum for certain interviews might be larger.

Thomas Markle is only earning an estimated $1,500 from retirement funds and $2,700 in social security income. Undoubtedly, the thousands of dollars he makes selling his daughter out has greatly benefited him – and is perhaps one of the reasons he fails to stop doing so.

Samantha and Thomas Markle refuse to stop

While other members of the Markle family have undoubtedly earned their own small paydays, it’s Meghan’s half-sister and father who have earned the most money. They have also been the most vocal, the most bitter, and the most persistent in their efforts to “trash talk” both Meghan and her in-laws.

Meghan Markle and the British Royal Family’s press reps have reached out to both Samantha and Thomas, asking them to cease their slandering. Unfortunately, these efforts have (obviously) not worked. Knowing the two are receiving a significant amount of money for their efforts, however, offers insight into why the duo refuse to stop.

Fans everywhere have gone up in arms, commenting on these ridiculous tabloid interviews and drama-filled escapades. The saddest part is that it seems the more hated Samantha and Thomas Markle are, the more money they are able to cash in. Big-name tabloids have made their fortunes selling drama to the American public – and they are certainly making a killing on the Markle family troubles.