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The How I Met Your Mother series finale was controversial for many reasons, one being that the mother had been dead the entire time Ted was telling the story of how he met her. And after watching the show’s spinoff, How I Met Your Father, some believe the Hulu series might follow in its predecessor’s footsteps.

Hilary Duff, in character as Sophie in 'How I Met Your Father' Season 2 Episode 7 on Hulu, wears a white and black cardigan.
Hilary Duff as Sophie | Patrick Wymore/Hulu

The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ finale revealed that Tracy was dead

After spending nine seasons waiting for Ted to finally meet the love of his life and the mother of his children in How I Met Your Mother, fans were disappointed to learn that Tracy had died six years before he had begun telling his story. Tracy died of an unknown illness in 2024 — 11 years after she met Ted.

And in 2030, after Ted finishes his story, his kids encourage him to get back together with Robin. Ted steals the french blue horn for her again, and he and Robin assumingly resume their relationship.

The surprise twist in the finale resulted in an uproar from fans. So CBS released an alternate ending where the mother lived. It’s unclear which outcome Hulu’s How I Met Your Father will stay loyal to, but some fans worry that the spinoff series will end similarly to the original show.

Will ‘How I Met Your Father’ on Hulu also end with a tragedy?

One How I Met Your Father fan shared a “morbid” theory about the Hulu show’s ending on Reddit. And we have to say that we hope they’re not correct.

“Could it be that Sophie is actually terminally ill and she is about to pass away?” they posited. “One of the main reasons I think this is why she has just started to tell her son about his father. Could it be older Sophie is looking wistfully back on her younger years with her friends remembering the best and worst nights with the gang to show her son a lesson that you don’t always need a person to be happy, but it’s the journey to end up with your person?”

So this fan predicts that Future Sophie, played by Kim Cattrall, is dying. And that’s why she’s just now telling her son how she met his father. But not everyone is on board with this theory.

“They are not going to kill the Mother at the end of their show,” someone commented. “They did it in HIMYM and in This Is Us. They’re not going to do it again.”

Another fan wrote, “Killing the mother in both HIMYM and HIMYF would be some misogynistic bulls*** that I would not stand for.”

We must agree that How I Met Your Father will likely learn from How I Met Your Mother‘s mistakes and not end with a surprise death. Plus, the Hulu series wants to stand independently from the original show. So it’s improbable that it will adopt the same ending for its series finale. But anything is possible, and it’s always fun to theorize for shows like How I Met Your Father.


‘How I Met Your Father’: Every Clue About the Father so Far

The father is alive in ‘How I Met Your Father’ on Hulu

While we have very little to go off of regarding the living and relationship statuses of the How I Met Your Father characters in 2050, season 2 episode 7 revealed one clue about the father — he’s still alive.

Future Sophie told her son in the Valentine’s Day-themed episode, “Love just feels good. Especially on Valentine’s Day. Just ask your dad.”

She talked about him in the present tense, meaning he’s still around, unlike Tracy in How I Met Your Mother. So the Hulu series reassured us that the father, whoever he might be, is still kicking. Now, we just need to know his identity and if he and Sophie are still together.

New episodes of How I Met Your Father Season 2 air Tuesdays on Hulu.