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Halloween is fast approaching, and horror fans have plenty to be excited about in 2021. The classics are making a comeback, with Halloween Kills hitting theaters in October and Scream 5 getting its first trailer. And Amazon Prime Video‘s I Know What You Did Last Summer series premiered on Oct. 15, delivering a more modern take on the 1997 classic. How many episodes of I Know What You Did Last Summer can viewers expect?

‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ debuted with 4 episodes

Madison Iseman looks into a mirror with lipstick that reads 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' in a still from the Amazon Prime series
Madison Iseman | Michael Desmond, Amazon Studios

The first four episodes of Amazon’s I Know What You Did Last Summer series dropped on the platform on its premiere date. They introduced the main cast of the show, presenting a premise that diverges from the original story. In this iteration, a group of teens still accidentally hits another teen. The twist? The driver and the victim have a much deeper connection than in the original.

That relationship takes center stage when series lead Allison (Madison Iseman) returns home from her first year of college, only to discover someone’s leaving her anonymous threats. Those become very real when the people around her start dying. And she and her friends will need to figure out who knows their secret unless they want to be next.

How many episodes is ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’?

The early episodes of I Know What You Did Last Summer already gave viewers plenty to think about. Not only did they present a shocking twist and the show’s central mystery, but they already started racking up a body count. And fans who power through the first four episodes might be surprised to learn it, but they’re already halfway through the season.

The first season of Amazon’s I Know What You Did Last Summer series will be eight episodes long. Moving forward, they’ll drop on the platform every Friday, with the finale arriving on Nov. 12.

It’s unclear if the streamer plans to continue the new series, but it’s hard to imagine a second season following the same group of teens. Only time will tell if there are survivors — and if Amazon intends to give them more screen time in a future outing.

Who’s the killer in Amazon’s take on the classic horror film?


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With only four episodes of I Know What You Did Last Summer left, the series will likely start dropping bigger hints about the killer soon. In the 1997 film, the murderer is the same victim who was hit and assumed dead. However, the series seems to be veering away from that outcome. More likely, the killer is within the group of teens itself — or someone who’s close to them.

Only time will tell how things play out for Allison and her friends. Of course, the Amazon series is likely to add to its list of kills before it makes its big reveal. Luckily, fans can look for clues in the meantime.

I Know What You Did Last Summer is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.