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Many moons ago, when Tom Holland was just a wee sprout, and Tobey Maguire was the actor intimately tied to Peter Parker, a Spider-Man 4 movie almost came to fruition. Now, a recent Tweet has Tobey lovers flocking to every digital media outlet looking for answers. Marvel recently posted a picture on Twitter, featuring a “4” written in yesteryear’s iconic spiderweb-based font.

Tobey Maguire
Tobey Maguire | Photo by Albert L. Ortega/WireImage

As Esquire noted, “Everything about the image, from the dark blue gradient to the shape of the spider seems completely in line with the Tobey Maguire iteration of the franchise” and the bottom left corner of the post reads “#MarvelComics.” So, is Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4 back on the table? Is this tweet merely hinting at a possible comic book follow-up or an entire feature film?

If this recent Tweet indicates any potential for a Spider-Man 4 with Tobey Maguire back in the driver’s seat, we can make a few educated guesses about the film based on previously-released information concerning the “almost” production.

What would the ‘Spider-Man 4’ movie be about?

When Spider-Man 4 seemed like a definite, the film was intended to be a direct sequel to the poorly-reviewed Spider-Man 3, which – despite critical condemnation – still performed well at the box office. In the end, it’s always about the big bucks.

Development on the sequel began in 2008, but legal and various other disagreements eventually resulted in the film fading into oblivion. However, rumor has it that the film would have showcased Dr. Curt Connor’s transformation into the lizard while upgrading Bruce Campbell to a more significant role.

Furthermore, the movie would have introduced The Vulture and The Vulturess. The Vulture, whose actual name is Adrian Toomes, is fitted with a flying mechanical suit, providing superhuman strength and durability. The Vulturess would have been a different version of Felicia Hardy, who is generally known as The Black Cat, which brings ut to the next main issue: the cast

Who would star in the ‘Spider-Man 4’ movie?

If the Spider-Man 4 movie winds up back on the table, and Sam Raimi gets his originally desired cast, the movie will feature quite an impressive ensemble. Raimi wanted Anne Hathaway to take on Felicia Hardy and John Malkovich to play The Vulture. Obviously, Maguire would reprise Spider-Man.

Would all the actors who were originally pegged to play these superheroes and villains still be up for the job? Given that Anne Hathaway portrayed Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, she may hesitate to take on such a similar role. However, her portfolio is varied enough  – from singing in Les Miserables to out-conning Rebel Wilson – she does not have to worry about typecasting. If she was interested in the character back then, she may still be interested now.

As for John Malkovich, he is a bit older, but seems more than able to deliver on such a character. At 65 years young, John Malkovich would bring a perspective to Marvel villains rarely seen on the screen: the age may help create a character unlike other cinematic imaginings of various “baddies.”

As for Tobey Maguire, he hasn’t taken on a major role in several years, but we all know this is not due to a lack of ability. Tobey Maguire excelled in Pawn Sacrifice and The Spoils of Babylon; seeing him reprise Peter Parker would be a fulfilling walk down memory lane for fans of the franchise.

On another note, seeing Maguire take on the role would not have to interfere with Tom Holland’s movies, for they can exist as separate, successful entities. Fans can accept two different versions, for the sake of variation, nostalgia, and exploration.