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Amazon Prime Video is adding to its K-drama list with Island. The highly anticipated fantasy storyline has a star-studded cast, including idol-turned-actor Cha Eun-woo, Kim Nam-gil, and Lee Da-hee. Island is an upcoming intense thriller that takes place on Jeju Island. Fans should prepare for a dynamic fantasy K-drama with darkness, demons, and saving the world.

Main poster for Amazon Prime Video and Thing K-drama 'Island.'
Main poster for Amazon Prime Video and Thing K-drama ‘Island’ | via TVing

‘Island’ K-drama is based on a webtoon and taps into Jeju Island lore

Based on a webcomic of the same name by Yoon In-wan and Yang Kyung-il, Island K-drama takes audiences to the picturesque Jeju Island. But amid the beauty of its beaches and serene towns, an evil is brewing in the shadows. The Hollywood Reporter says, “The show taps into Jeju’s traditional legends and folklore while showcasing the island’s natural beauty.”

The K-drama’s storyline centers on a group of characters who are fated to save the world from evil. Kim Nam-gil stars as the leading character Pan. Pan is an immortal being who has protected the world from evil spirits for thousands of years. The character’s fate is tragic as he prepares for the world’s end and cannot be around humans. But he needs a specific woman to end his immortal life.

Actor Lee Da-hee will star as the female lead, Won Mi-ho. The character is a third-generation chaebol heir and teacher being targeted by goblins. While taking time to self-reflect on Jeju Island, she is attacked by monsters and meets Pan. Rounding out the cast is Cha Eun-woo as John. As the youngest exorcist priest of the Holy See, he is sent to Jeju Island. But John has his own demons, filled with guilt over not protecting one girl.

Actor Sung Joon stars as the antagonist Gungtan. He once worked with Pan, but due to an incident, he goes against him. The three characters meet on the beautiful island and come to work together as evil darkness lurks in the shadows.

When will the ‘Island’ K-drama premiere?

TVing and Amazon Prime Video are producing the 12-episode K-drama. Island K-drama will premiere in December of 2022, but fans must wait for a set release date. According to Soompi, the K-drama poster adds a fun mystery and anticipation to the storyline.

The official poster for Island has no official images of the main character but an ancient sword called Geumgangjeo. With the sword in the center, fans can see darkness in the background as there are flittering embers of destruction. The poster’s text reads, “They finally started to make their move.”

Who are “they,” and what does the sword have to do with the overall storyline? Pan, John, and Mi-ho will likely face the oncoming apocalypse as demons and evil spirits plan to take over the world, and their only hope is the Geumgangjeo.

Actor Kim Nam-gil has played dark K-drama roles before

Part of why fans have high hopes for the Island K-drama is because of its star-studded cast. Actor Kim is a veteran in the industry, mostly recognized for his role in the disaster movie Pandora and the crime thriller movie Memoir of a Murder. Regarding K-dramas, Kim gained fame for his role in the historical drama Queen Seondeok. He also starred in the historical medical drama, Live Up to Your Name. In 2019, Kim played the fun and charismatic role of Kim Hae-il in Fiery Priest.

In the riveting dark crime thriller Through the Darkness, Kim played Song Ha-young, a profiler of the Criminal Behavior Analysis unit. K-drama fans will recognize Lee Da-hee for her current role as Goo Yeo-reum in Love is for Suckers. She also played the leading role of Cha Hyeon in Search: WWW and Goo Reum in L.U.C.A.: The Beginning. But Kim was also one of the celebrity hosts for Netflix’s South Korean dating series, Single’s Inferno.


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Cha Eun-woo has risen to incredible fame as an actor, having made his career as a K-Pop idol in Astro. His first leading role was in Gangnam Beauty, and later as Yi Rim in Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung. Cha would gain fame in the teen romance genre for his role as Lee Su-ho in True Beauty. Island is not the only K-drama, and project Cha is scheduled for. He will play the lead in A Good Day To Be a Dog and star in the movie Decibel.