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It has been a tough year for YouTuber and beauty influencer Jaclyn Hill. Though fans of Hill’s were thrilled when she launched her very own nude lipstick –the rollout for the exclusive item proved to be disastrous. Almost as soon as the lipsticks launched –things began to fall apart.

Fans were appalled when they opened their brand new lipstick packages to find bumps, lumps, and all kinds of particles in the items. Hill was horrified as anyone would be. She issued a complete recall of the items, posted several heartfelt apologies, and even took a hiatus from social media to regroup and rebrand Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics.

These days Hill is back in her groove, but that hasn’t stopped gross trolls from body-shaming her.

An internet troll accused Jaclyn Hill of having a brand new face

When you’re in the public eye, people become obsessed and consumed with any little change in your appearance. Whether you decide to use body enhancements and plastic surgery or not –everyone from Beyoncé to the KarJenners has experienced it. Some annoying human (in a now-deleted tweet) tried to come for Hill, claiming that her face looks completely different. The beauty influencer was having none of it. She quickly clapped back saying,

Well… this year I have gone from 130lbs – 155lbs. Also, my nose filler, under eye filler & botox have basically all worn off. So my face DEFINITELY looks different.

Jaclyn Hill doesn’t care what you think about her weight gain

People gain and lose weight all of the time. It’s really not a big deal or anyone else’s business. Hill got candid about both missing her slimmer face and being really good with where her body is right now. She explained, “I really miss my thin face & like not having a double chin when I laugh. But also…. I really don’t give a f*ck.”

Jaclyn Hill is all about body positivity

This isn’t the first time Hill has been transparent about her weight gain. Back in August, the YouTuber revealed that she’d put on 20 pounds in seven weeks. Though she didn’t comment on why she gained weight, she did say that she’s happy with herself at all sizes. She explained,

I have gained 20 pounds in the last 7 weeks. I’m being transparent with you guys, because I have been getting lots of comments about my weight. I have never been this insecure about my physical appearance in my life. Sweatpants are literally the only thing that fits me right now & I’ve had to go up 2 sizes in my jeans. You’re going to notice in my future videos…my face is bigger, my arms are bigger, my entire body is bigger. But you’ll just have to deal with it, ’cause this is me ❤️.

There are all types of reasons why people gain and lose weight, we won’t speculate on Hill’s weight gain, but we do know that it’s refreshing to see a public figure being so open about going through the normal ebbs and flows of life and embracing her body no matter what. We stan.