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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are allegedly headed for divorce. The couple initially fell in love in the early 2000s and engaged in 2002. Unfortunately, they broke off their engagement in 2004. But they found love with each other again in 2021 and tied the knot in 2022. Before marrying Lopez, Affleck was married to Jennifer Garner from 2005 to 2018. A source alleges that Lopez “hates” how Affleck will confide in Garner regarding his marriage issues.

Jennifer Lopez allegedly ‘hates’ that Ben Affleck seeks support from Jennifer Garner, a source claims

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have a touching love story, but fans worry they’re on the fast track to divorce after recent reports. Lopez and Affleck appeared to have issues in their marriage in mid-2024. Affleck reportedly lives in a $100,000 monthly rental while Lopez occupies their $60 million home.

Affleck shares three kids with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. Garner and Affleck maintained an excellent relationship post-divorce. An insider told OK! Magazine that Garner “blames” Lopez for putting pressure on Affleck. “[She] would never tell Ben, ‘I told you it wouldn’t work out,’ but she does blame J. Lo for the pressure she’s put Ben under,” the source stated.

The insider added that Garner sees Affleck “struggle” with the publicity that Lopez receives. “She has dropped everything to make sure Ben doesn’t spiral out of control again,” the insider added. “At the end of the day, Ben is still the father of their children, and she will help him however she can.”

So, how does Lopez feel about Garner and Affleck’s alleged close friendship? “J. Lo hates that Ben goes back to his sensible, down-to-earth ex-wife for advice and emotional support,” the source noted. “She doesn’t want Jen’s input.”

The insider added that Lopez allegedly told Affleck that Garner needed to “butt out of their personal drama.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck walking through the city in 2021
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in December 2021 | RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

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Jennifer Garner wants her ex-husband ‘happy and healthy’ for their kids

It’s unclear if Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner really have beef over Ben Affleck. Another source told People that Garner wants to see Affleck “happy and healthy,” and she loves how Lopez’s healthy lifestyle rubs off on her ex.

“She wants him happy and healthy so he can be the best dad possible,” the source said, adding that she “likes that [Lopez] lives a healthy lifestyle and supports Ben’s sobriety. Jen wants that for Ben.”

Garner and Affleck spoke highly of each other post-divorce. In 2021, a source told Us Weekly that Garner and Lopez also had nothing but love for each other.

“J. Lo has Jennifer Garner’s seal of approval,” the insider said in June 2021. “J. Lo thinks Jennifer is a kind and wonderful person and an amazing mother.”

Another source claims that Ben Affleck’s ex wants him to work on his marriage to Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Garner might be a fan of Jennifer Lopez, after all. A source told Us Weekly in May 2024 that Garner is “encouraging” Affleck to work through his marital issues with Lopez.

“Jennifer Garner is encouraging Ben to work on his marriage to Jen,” the insider claimed. “She fully supports their relationship and wants nothing more than for him to be happy.”

Unfortunately, other recent reports suggest that Affleck isn’t putting as much work in as he could be. A source told Fox News Digital that Affleck “skipped some sessions” of marriage counseling with his Lopez.

“Ben doesn’t seem as invested in trying to repair the relationship as he was before,” the source stated. “He seems to have pulled back and is trying less and less. He’s really thrown himself into work and is focused on that right now more than his marriage.” 

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