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Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi spilled the tea about what fans can look forward to regarding the romantic tension between Vinny Guadagnino and Angelina Pivarnick on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. The sixth season debuted on Jan. 26, and the installment promises many fun locales, drama, and more drama. Nicole revealed what viewers could expect, including twists in the “dramatic” relationship between Angelina and Vinny.

Jersey Shore cast poses for MTV photograph.
The cast of ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ season 6 | MTV

Even though the cast travels cross-country for season 6, Nicole Polizzi would love to return to season 4’s locale

The cast visits many exciting places this season when they travel cross-country, including New Orleans, North Carolina, Wine Country in California, and the Dancing with the Stars studio in Hollywood to support Vinny. However, there’s one place Nicole would love to return to, an unforgettable season 4 locale.

In an interview with Today, Nicole admitted she would love the opportunity to return to the spot she and her castmates visited in season 4. In 2011, she, Vinny, Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio, Jenni Farley, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Mike Sorrentino, Sammi Giancola, and Deena Cortese lived in Florence, Italy.

The group got a job at a local pizza place and found clubs to party at to keep themselves entertained throughout the tense season. Of course, there was the infamous scene of Mike ramming his head into a cement wall and Nicole’s fender bender with police that led to her being held at the police station. However, Italy allowed the cast to work through longstanding problems as a group.

Nicole admits the cast would love to return to Italy. She says, “I feel like we didn’t appreciate it. But then I think of my kids, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m not going.'”

The mom of three reveals that currently, the cast likes “kid-friendly places so that if we bring the kids, they’ll still have a good time, and they’re not stuck in a room.” However, season 6’s cross-country trip won’t only deliver on a host of different locales. It promises to flesh out the relationship viewers have looked for between the Keto Guido and his Staten Island adversary, Angelina.

Nicole Polizzi teases the ‘dramatic’ relationship twist between Vinny and Angelina

For years, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation fans have watched the romantic tension build between Vinny and Angelina. However, as Angelina’s marriage became irrevocably broken, she and Vinny’s flirtation grew. Although Vinny said he would never date Angelina, now that she’s single, does he change his mind in season 6? Nicole spills the tea.

Nicole admits to Today, “This season is the most dramatic when it comes to them liking each other or trying to give it a chance. I think this season, fans are going to get a lot more than they’ve been getting. We were all shocked too. It’s going to be good.”

In a teaser for the new season, the duo appears to take their flirtation to a new level in New Orleans. This leads Nicole to say to Angelina, “You like him; just say it. You like Vinny.”

Nicole shares why ‘Jersey Shore’ is still relevant 14 years after its debut

The cast of 'Jersey Shore' season 3.
The cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ season 3 included Nicole Polizzi, Mike Sorrentino, Jenni Farley, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Paul DelVecchio, Sammi Giancola, Vinny Guadagnino, and Deena Cortese | MTV

‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’: Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s New Interview Has Fans Scratching Their Heads and Asking What’s Wrong

Since 2009, fans have watched the cast of the MTV series grow up from hard-partying 20-somethings into adults with families of their own. They’ve watched the group weather some brutal personal storms and triumph in the face of adversity. This is why, Nicole admits, the show remains a fan favorite.

“I think it’s because we were such a huge show, and everybody grew up with us. They still want to see what’s going on in our lives,” she says.

Nicole continued, “Also, our show isn’t fake. We don’t have scripted scenes. We don’t do any of that, which a lot of reality shows do, so I feel like our fans appreciate that. Then we still do like crazy s*** together, so I guess we’re still entertaining.”

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.