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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is back with an all-new season on Feb. 8. And it picks up right where it left off, with the potential for a Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Magro reunion. Of course, anyone who kept up with the original Jersey Shore cast knows the messy past Sam and Ron have, and Sam made it clear toward the end of last season that she’s in a good place and has no interest in seeing her ex. But the new trailer suggests there will be a lot of interaction between the two.

However, not all fans are buying it. Some think MTV is using “clickbait-style editing” to make it seem like there is a major reunion between Sam and Ron — but that it won’t end up happening.

‘Jersey Shore’ fans aren’t all buying the Sam and Ron reunion drama

The buildup of a Sam and Ron reunion was immense during the show’s previous season. The castmates were visiting the Margaritaville resort in Orlando, Florida, when Ron, who also lives in Florida, decided he had an opportunity to make amends with his former friends. Ronnie drove to the resort, where he came face-to-face with everyone — except Sam. Mike Sorrentino gave Sam and her boyfriend a heads-up, and they headed out for the day.

Now, the show is teasing a major reunion between the exes, but some Reddit users aren’t buying it. “Watch the trailer carefully. It doesn’t contain a single shot of Sam and Ron together, other than them being at opposite ends of the table at the end,” one person wrote. “I don’t think they’re going to interact nearly as much as MTV wants people to believe they will. It’s their typical clickbait-style editing.”

Another user suspects that MTV will force the two to have one “scripted” one-on-one conversation “where Ronnie grovels & it’s awkward AF for them as well as for those of us watching at home.” Of course, it remains a mystery.


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The extent of the ‘Jersey Shore’ reunion for Sam and Ron isn’t clear

Based on the trailer, you would think these two would spend plenty of time together. However, that teaser editing isn’t uncommon, as it often gets people to tune in. While we can’t say for sure what will happen to Ron and Sam, we can almost guarantee that there is no chance these two get back together.

Sam is still with her longtime boyfriend, Justin May, and she posted a photo of the two to Instagram on Christmas, suggesting that whatever happens with Ron certainly won’t interfere with her current relationship. During the show’s most recent season, Sam also said that she felt like she was in the best possible place between being fulfilled by her friends, her family, and her boyfriend, so we can all but guarantee that nothing Ron says or does will change that. Perhaps the two will finally be able to start with a clean slate, though. The new season premieres Feb. 8.