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Mike Sorrentino’s ex-girlfriend took to social media to update fans on her life and to spill some serious details regarding her appearances on the original Jersey Shore television series. Here’s what Paula Pickard had to say about guest-starring on the MTV reality show.

Mike Sorrentino’s ex-Paula Pickard explains her role on the OG ‘Jersey Shore’ series

In a Reddit post dated Feb. 9, a fan screen captured a post shared by Mike Sorrentino’s ex-girlfriend, Paula Pickard. She was featured regularly in the early seasons of the original Jersey Shore series.

Pickard appears to be responding to a comment made by a fan. They wrote that they missed seeing her on the MTV series and asked if she would return.

In a social media post reprinted on Reddit, she wrote, “I appreciate you, but I was never a cast member or anything other than an unknowing production plant. I’m much more than this show, and I’m sorry (no sarcasm) that I do NOT like to spread my life on social media to profit from exploiting myself and my innocent family.”

Pickard continued, “I would NEVER be asked to come back even though my husband fully supports it. But I very much like my privacy and my simple, peaceful life.”

She concluded, “At their age, I CANNOT be caught up in that drama, paid or not, and I’m one of the younger ones.” Pickard did not explain her “production plant” comment within her response.

‘Jersey Shore’ fans reacted to Paula Pickard’s bold admission

Jersey Shore fans reacted to Paula Pickard’s bold admission that she was an “unknowing production plant” on the OG series. They shared their points of view on Reddit.

“Probably one of the most mature, realistic responses to that question. She’s grown past it all and has moved on,” responded one follower.

“The cake was the greatest prank that ever happened on the show. Pauly [DelVecchio]’s disgusted reaction to eating the cake, even though he thought it was funny when Mike ate it, was, well, just icing on the cake,” a second fan claimed.

“He did do her dirty. She was gorgeous, funny, sweet, and chill, and he did nothing but disrespect her,” penned a third viewer.

“Good for her for calling out Jersey Shore. That should not define her life; honestly, she was always too good for Mike. She became fodder for the show because she was cute and bubbly. Shame on them,” a fourth fan wrote.

How long was Paula Pickard on ‘Jersey Shore’?


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Paula Pickard was just 21 when viewers were first introduced to her on Jersey Shore. She and Mike Sorrentino dated casually throughout the series.

However, they did not become an item until the show’s final season. Pickard worked at the tanning salon the cast would frequent.

“It’s an adjustment period,” Sorrentino told his roommates about being in a relationship. “As a man, I’m trying.”

But the Jersey Shore romance was short-lived. Pickard and Sorrentino broke up after just two weeks of dating.

He later said he wanted out of their relationship but wanted to be friends with benefits. “I definitely wanna break up with Paula smoothly and easily because I’d like to still hit it. ‘Listen, girl, it’s not me. It’s you. Can I still hit it?’”

In retaliation, Pickard purchased a cake for Sorrentino’s birthday. But the roommates and Sorrentino later discover that before the birthday cake was delivered, Pickard had a male friend place his private parts on top of the cake, with a picture to prove it.

Paula Pickard’s relationship with Mike Sorrentino is documented in the original Jersey Shore television series. Season 7 of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs on Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.