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Jon Hamm is best known for portraying advertising executive Don Draper in Mad Men. The series helped catapult Hamm’s career to the next level, and fans insist he was born to play the part. In many ways, he was. While he enjoyed his time on the set of the period piece, he was always looking for his next move. As the series was planning its ending, Jon Hamm’s next move should have been Gone Girl. During a recent interview, Hamm revealed that the role that went to Ben Affleck in the iconic thriller was supposed to go to him. 

Jon Hamm was supposed to star in ‘Gone Girl’ 

Hamm sat down for a chat on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on June 13 and happily answered fan questions. One viewer asked Jon Hamm about the rumor that he was set to star in Gone Girl before the role of Nick Dunne was given to Ben Affleck. Hamm was candid about the ordeal and admitted he was ready and willing to take on the part. 


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Hamm told the audience, “I was down to the very end of that. It was meant to be me, but we had to film the continuing adventures of Mr. Draper.” Hamm went on to say that he was excited about the prospect of filming in his hometown before he joked that Affleck had to sacrifice a lot for the film. The proud Massachusetts native had to wear a Cardinals hat for the role. 

Hamm was raised in the St. Louis suburbs. Gone Girl was filmed in the city.  

The actor’s ‘Mad Men’ contract forced him to turn down the movie role 

Hamm’s admission on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen isn’t exactly news. His desire to play Nick Dunne was an open secret in Hollywood. Back in 2015, Page Six reported that Hamm was up for the role in Gone Girl but had to turn it down because of his contractual obligation to Mad Men

The publication said that Mad Men creator, Matthew Weiner, refused to let Hamm out of his contract. According to a source, it was something that weighed heavily on Hamm, who knew the series was coming to an end. He had hoped the dramatic role would serve as a springboard into more serious movie roles. 

It all worked out in the end. Hamm has appeared in a variety of movies and TV shows since ending his run on Mad Men. Still, Gone Girl seems like the flick that got away for the famed actor. At least he’s still good-natured about it all.