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Joseph and Kendra Duggar are trying hard to keep a low profile. The Duggar couple walked away from reality TV and headed straight for obscurity. While Joseph and Kendra are looking for a quiet life, Joseph’s siblings are unwilling to settle for it. While it doesn’t happen too often, every once in a while, Joseph, Kendra, and their kids pop up on someone’s Instagram feed or in a YouTube video. A recent upload confirmed that Joseph and Kendra Duggar welcomed a fourth baby without telling the world. There had been speculation about their fourth child for months. So here is everything we know about the newest addition. 

Is Joseph and Kendra Caldwell’s fourth baby a boy or a girl? 

Joseph and Kendra Caldwell haven’t updated Duggar family followers on their family in ages, but at last public check, the couple were parents of one boy and two girls. While they didn’t announce the arrival of baby #4, it’s safe to assume it’s a boy.

In all video and photographic footage from the last year, Joseph and Kendra are seen carrying and infant dressed in blue. The Duggars, specifically Joseph and Kendra, adhere to pretty strict gender roles. A blue onesie all but assures the masses that the newest Duggar is a baby boy. Kendra also had a penchant for putting bows on her infant daughters, and the unverified baby has never been seen sporting a boy. No insiders have come forward to confirm the baby’s gender or name, though. 

So how old is Joseph and Kendra Duggar’s newest baby? 

Since Joseph and Kendra opted not to announce the arrival of their fourth baby, it’s impossible to pinpoint exactly when he was born. Still, we can come up with an educated guess. 

The first hint that a new, secret Duggar had been born came in June 2022. A photo began circulating on Reddit that showed an unidentified baby in a stroller seated next to Joseph Duggar while some of the Duggar dined out together. The baby’s face is blocked out in the photo, but based on the stroller and how the baby is seated, it seems likely the child was no more than a month old. 


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Around the same time, James Duggar took to Instagram to post a photo of himself with an unidentified newborn. While plenty of followers were curious, James wasn’t giving anything away. In theory, the baby could have belonged to just about anyone. Still, combined with the restaurant photo, we can safely assume the new arrival in James’ arms is actually Joseph and Kendra’s fourth baby. 

A May 2022 arrival date seems even more likely when you look at family members’ social media accounts. In December 2022, the Caldwells posted several photos that featured an infant who would be right around the age Joseph and Kendra’s child would be if they were born in May or June 2022. Kendra was also spotted holding a baby boy in Jinger Vuolo’s recent travel vlog. While the upload is new, the footage is not. Jinger and Jeremy visited Arkansas in early 2023. 

Considering all the evidence, we posit that Joseph and Kendra’s fourth baby is around one now. Considering their pregnancy spacing so far, that means the duo could be preparing to celebrate their fifth pregnancy. A public announcement surely is not forthcoming, though.