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Kat Dennings was one of 2 Broke Girls for six seasons on CBS. She and Beth Behrs had comic misadventures trying to raise enough money to open a cupcake business. Now that 2 Broke Girls is over, Dennings has a new show on Hulu. Dollface is something completely different for her.

Kat Dennings in Dollface | Ali Goldstein/Hulu

Dollface stars Dennings as Jules, a girl who gets dumped by her boyfriend and tries to reconnect with her female friends. Dennings spoke with reporters after her Dollface panel for the Television Critics Association and said there’s one thing she was glad to leave behind from 2 Broke Girls. Dollface is now streaming on Hulu.

Hulu’s ‘Dollface’ gave Kat Dennings a new job beyond acting

Kat Dennings not only plays Jules on Dollface but she also joins Jordan Weiss, Margot Robbie and Nicole King as an executive producer.

“I was lucky enough to executive produce the show so I got to see more of how things are made, more of the intricacies of how a show is done which is new for me,” Dennings said. “I enjoyed it.”

Dollface's Kat Dennings
Kat Dennings in Dollface | Ali Goldstein/Hulu

A career change is not out of the question.

“I think I’m reaching the early 30s thing of is this what I am?” Dennings wondered. “Should I explore other avenues? Should I go to college or something and learn like a real job? I don’t know. I’m hoping to explore other things like directing and writing more.”

Kat Dennings says she hasn’t changed since ‘2 Broke Girls’

Six years was a long time for Kat Dennings to play Max Black on 2 Broke Girls. Although she’s grown in that time and the two years since, some things haven’t changed. 

“Maybe I’m the same idiot I’ve always been,” Dennings joked. “I think the more we experience in our lives and the more disasters happen to us the more we create a sense of humor in our lives. I think it’s necessary as people. I hope so.”

Hard to believe a woman who’s been on a sitcom like 2 Broke Girls for six years and comedies like The House Bunny and The 40-Year-Old Virgin doesn’t think she’s funny.

Hulu’s Dollface | Ali Goldstein/Hulu

“I don’t think about how I’m perceived other than I see my insecurities every time I think about it,” Dennings said. “I guess I’m somewhat considered a comedic actress at this point just because of the various things. I also love comedy and enjoy it. It’s what I want to watch so that’s kind of what I like. I like a good drama freakout in the bathtub kind of indie film. I’ve done those too but there’s a time and a place.”

Fortunately, her bosses at Hulu get her.

“They’ve been such lovely collaborators and very just relaxed and they’re really funny themselves,” Dennings said. “Everyone on our team we’ve worked with is a funny smart person so it’s been a real joy.”

Kat Dennings does have this in common with her ‘Dollface’ character

Even though she’s newly single, it’s a struggle for Jules to go out and socialize. Dollface will show just how awkward it can be for Jules to go to a party.

Brenda Song and Kat Dennings in Dollface
Brenda Song and Kat Dennings in Dollface | Ali Goldstein/Hulu

“That’s where we’re very similar,” Dennings said. “I am a little bit of an introvert. I feel more comfortable at home with my cat knitting a blanket. It’s a thing of I dread it, I dread it, I dread it and then I get there and have a good time. I try to tell myself in my life now, ‘Just get there. Then you can leave.’”

She’s glad ‘Dollface’ does this differently than ‘2 Broke Girls’

One major difference between Dollface and 2 Broke Girls is that Dollface does not film in front of an audience. Kat Dennings can just act and not worry about viewers until they see the show at home.

Kat Dennings, Shay Mitchell, Brenda Song, Esther Povitsky | Ali Goldstein/Hulu

“I really enjoyed not having an audience,” Dennings said. “That sounds really callous but I didn’t come from the theater. I’m not a very comfortable stage presence. The sitcom way of shooting feels very presentational, very theatrical. It was kind of out of my comfort zone. Obviously after that long I got used to it but it doesn’t come naturally, so I enjoy single cam very much. It feels more me. I feel more comfortable so that’s been nice, even though the hours are bonkers.”