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Jon and Kate Gosselin have had their share of issues ever since they stopped filming their TLC show, Jon and Kate Plus 8. Recently, they were in a bitter custody battle over their 14-year-old son, Collin, for quite a while. However, in early December, Jon Gosselin was awarded sole custody of his son. What was the custody battle about, and what made the judge swing in his favor?

Jon Gosselin with his son and daughter
Jon Gosselin won the custody battle over his son, Collin. | Jon Gosselin via Instagram

Jon and Kate have been bitter toward one another ever since their TLC show ended

When John and Kate Plus 8 Premiered on TLC, fans loved it. Jon and Kate appeared to be a loving couple just trying to navigate the world of parenthood after giving birth to sextuplets. However, the honeymoon period didn’t last long. Soon after the show started filming, there were rumors of marital problems and infidelity. Jon was allegedly having an affair with a young schoolteacher and supposedly was with her on Kate’s 34th birthday. The marriage — and the show — soon crumbled. Since then, things have not been good between the former couple. And they recently battled it out over their 14-year-old son.

Collin, who has special needs, has been at the center of a custody battle between his parents

Collin, one of the sextuplets, has special needs, and the family decided it would be best for him to enter an in-patient facility to get the proper education and skills that he needs to thrive. Kate told People in November 2016 that it was a very difficult decision, but she felt it was best to give him the most fulfilling life.

Although Kate and Jon seemingly saw eye to eye on the need for Collin to attend the inpatient program, Collin has been spending a lot of time with his father, and Jon decided he wants full legal and physical custody of his son when he leaves the inpatient program. Hannah, another sextuplet, also lives with Jon. Jon spends most of his time with these two and feels that Collin should call Jon’s house his home. He filed for sole custody in November 2018.

In early December, the court awarded Jon sole custody after Kate failed to show up to the hearing

The Gosselins’ court hearing was set to be December 4, 2018. However, Kate asked that the court hearing be postponed because she couldn’t attend. Her request was denied. On the day of the court hearing, Kate and her lawyer did not show up. As a result, the judge felt compelled to give Jon full custody of his son. Jon won the hearing, and when Collin comes home from the facility, he will be living with Jon. Jon has claimed in the past that he never sees his kids at the same time; he said it had been nearly three years since they all got together.

Despite the bitterness, all of the children appear to have a good relationship with their parents

There has been a lot of drama between Jon and Kate ever since the show went off air. However, it appears the children do have a good relationship with both parents. A TLC special aired in 2016 with Kate and the kids, and it looked like all was well. Jon seems to have a better relationship with Collin and Hannah than with the rest of his children, but all in all, everyone seems to make it work.

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