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Kate Middleton and King Charles
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Kate Middleton’s Absence Could Be the Perfect Distraction to a Bigger Problem Within the Royal Family — and the Palace Might Love it

The Kate Middleton conspiracy theories are taking over the world, and Kensington Palace is doing very little to stop them. But maybe they realized it's actually working in the royal family's favor?

Thanks to social media, Kate Middleton’s whereabouts have become a global issue. The princess has not been spotted in public since Christmas, and the palace has not said why. Meanwhile, the family is still recovering from the Mother’s Day photo debacle, which somehow saw Kate take the blame.

Kensington Palace has done very little to stop the rumor mill. It could be that they feel any move they make will be ridiculed and looked at under a microscope. But what about a different theory? Perhaps the reason the palace is letting the Kate rumors spin out of control is because it’s proving to be a swell distraction to another much bigger problem: King Charles’ health.

Camilla Parker Bowles, King Charles, Prince William, and Kate Middleton
Camilla Parker Bowles, King Charles, Prince William, and Kate Middleton | Chris Jackson/Getty Images For Buckingham Palace

People care more about Kate Middleton’s health than King Charles’ cancer diagnosis

Charles has been spotted on a number of occasions since being diagnosed with cancer. The king has been seen at church as well as riding in a car, and while he has taken a step back from royal duties, he hasn’t completely gone missing. But has anyone considered that the “Katespiracy” theories might be exactly what the king’s office wants?

With the public so focused on the princess, nobody is asking about Charles. While Charles revealed his diagnosis, he did not reveal what type of cancer he has, what stage it is, or how long he’ll need to undergo treatment — information that, in most situations, the public would want to know.

Kensington Palace has refused to give details on Kate’s situation. But maybe that’s because the public is giving so much light to her that they’ve forgotten about Charles — and he is who the royal family truly wants to protect. Of course, we know very little about Charles’ situation, but if it were an early-stage diagnosis with promising treatment options, the palace might not have kept that information a secret. If it weren’t, however, the last thing Charles’ office would want is people speculating about how much time he has left. And for that reason, they might be more inclined to keep Charles’ medical details a secret …

King Charles with Kate Middleton and Prince William
King Charles with Kate Middleton and Prince William | Danny Lawson/WPA Pool/Getty Images

King Charles is being seen just enough to keep the conspiracy theories at bay

While Showbiz Cheat Sheet certainly doesn’t co-sign on any of these conspiracies, perhaps the reason conspiracy theories aren’t circling about the king is because the palace is keeping him in the public eye just enough to keep the public from questioning his condition. In not doing that with Kate, the palace might knowingly be keeping her at the forefront of the rumors.

The palace has always thrown its married-in family members to the wolves before its own. To the royal family, Princess Diana was the problem, not King Charles. Meghan Markle was the problem, not Prince Harry. And now, in an effort to conceal Charles’ true situation, they’re letting Kate Middleton be the problem.

Perhaps it’s all bogus, but it’s something to think about.