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It will probably take quite a while before Prince William is King, but Kate Middleton already knows what she’ll do first as Queen Catherine. The Princess of Wales revealed her intentions during a recent event at a children’s picnic. 

Although there are numerous areas that Kate could address as Queen, her primary concern will lie in the well-being of children. Here’s a closer look at what Kate said about being Queen, plus how her duties will change once William ascends to the throne.

Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales smiles after taking part in the first Children's Picnic at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, at the Royal Hospital Chelsea on May 22, 2023 in London, England
Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton | Jordan Pettitt-WPA Pool/Getty Images

Kate Middleton reveals her first action when she becomes Queen Catherine

In just a few words, Kate unveiled her plan to “help kids” as her first act as Queen Catherine. This revelation occurred while the Princess of Wales was conversing with children at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show during a special children’s picnic.

According to Express, one of the attendees, Saron Fikremariam, an 11-year-old student from the primary school, shared her encounter with Kate. “I asked her what she’ll do first when she becomes Queen, and she said she’s going to help kids,” Fikremariam shared.

Kate also provided an honest response when asked about being a royal. In fairly simple terms, the Princess of Wales told her audience that a royal just has to work hard. 

During her visit, Kate also took the opportunity to meet with ex-servicemen and women. This included the esteemed Chelsea Pensioners, who were gathered in a covered dining area. Curiously, Kate inquired, “What’s on the menu?” while the pensioners savored their chargrilled peas with herbs.

In response to Kate’s question, Harry Puttick, a former member of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers with 30 years of service, promptly remarked, “The peas are forgettable, but you are not.”

The Princess of Wales will gain this title when Prince William is King

With King Charles currently in the first year of his reign, Kate’s husband won’t be ascending to the throne in the near future. While William is first in the line of succession, his father is expected to remain on the throne for many years to come.

Nevertheless, this hasn’t deterred Prince William from prepping for his future responsibilities. Growing up, Queen Elizabeth did her best to ensure that William was well-trained in his future duties. 

Although William is prepared to take the throne after Charles, Kate has also been getting herself ready for her next role. And her duties as Queen Cathrine will be quite different from her responsibilities as the Princess of Wales. 

Once William is King, Kate will step into the role of Queen Consort. Referred to as Queen Catherine by many, she will lend her unwavering support to her husband in his royal duties. This includes accompanying him to engagements, representing the monarchy on diplomatic visits, and championing causes and charitable organizations close to her heart. 

A closer look at Kate Middleton’s role as Queen Catherine

As in previous coronations, Kate will be crowned alongside William during the ceremony. The Princess of Wales might even take a page out of Camilla Parker Bowles’ playbook and drop the Consort part of her title. 

While they both get a crown, there are differences between the wives of Kings and the husbands of Queens. For example, the husband of a Queen cannot take on the title of King, but the wife of a King can go by Queen. 

Consequently, Queen Elizabeth’s husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, was bestowed the title of Prince Consort rather than King Consort.


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This can be attributed to the influence of patriarchal structures on various royal traditions. Kings invariably assume the role of reigning monarch, whereas the title of Queen can hold a symbolic significance, as will be the case with Queen Catherine.

The last instance of England having a Queen Catherine was during the reign of Charles II. Catherine of Braganza, who hailed from Portugal before her marriage to Charles, held the position of Queen consort from 1662 to 1685.