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Kate Middleton revealed how she manages to make it through the rigors of royal life to a group of students at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. But, her five-word answer surprised onlookers who never expected the Princess of Wales to reply with such candor.

Kate Middleton at the RCF Chelsea Flower Show on May 23, 2023.
Kate Middleton at the RCF Chelsea Flower Show on May 23, 2023, | Jordan Pettitt-WPA Pool/Getty Images

Kate Middleton shared how she manages to balance a demanding royal schedule

The Princess of Wales discussed royal life during an RHS Chelsea Flower Show appearance. The annual display of cutting-edge floral designs is held annually on the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

Kate Middleton hosted a children’s picnic at a newly created garden at the show. Ten schools from the Royal Horticultural Society’s school gardening campaign were invited to bring pupils along to the event. The show was followed by a children’s picnic.

The students were allowed to ask Kate questions about royal life. The princess shared that, as with any job, one must ensure they always do what is expected of them, reported Express.

She candidly replied with five words to a student who asked her how to be a royal. She candidly replied, “You have to work hard.”

The Princess of Wales also shared her first task when she became queen


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During the event, the students continued to question the Princess of Wales. One student asked Kate Middleton what’s the first thing she will do when she becomes queen.

She replied one of her key focuses would be to help children. This response mirrored many of the tasks associated with her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

Following her discussion with students, Kate moved on to other groups gathered in the lush garden area. One of these was ex-servicemen and women, known as the Chelsea Pensioners.

The princess chatted casually with the group, asking them, “What’s on the menu” as they ate. The response? Chargrilled peas with herbs.

Kate Middleton is known as one of the most relatable members of the royal family

Of all the royal family members, Kate Middleton is known as one of its most relatable members. The public appears to find her the most down-to-earth of all.

Historically, Kate has cultivated a long relationship with royalists. Furthermore, they have watched her grow from an unsure young woman straight out of college to a confident mother of three who is set to be queen.

However, it is the way Kate has carried herself throughout the years that royal fans enjoy the most. She balances life as a working mother of three, putting the needs of her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, before her royal duties.

Historically, royal fans have enjoyed how the Princess of Wales acts playful toward her children. Subsequently, they appreciate her genuine interest in others and her ability to laugh at herself.

During royal events, Kate also isn’t beyond showing her affection toward her husband, Prince William. As they walked the red carpet, the Princess of Wales tried to hold her husband’s hand, only to find Prince William didn’t reciprocate at the Royal Festival Hall in London. Likewise, in an uncharacteristic response, Kate patted her husband on the behind in a rare, unguarded PDA moment.

Elements of this story were first reported by the BBC.