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Kensington Palace’s announcement that Kate Middleton was scheduled for “planned” abdominal surgery left many royal watchers stunned as the Princess of Wales had just finished a busy season of royal appearances. However, a new report claims Kate hid the news of her health issues from those closest to her even as the palace reworked her royal schedule to accommodate her recovery.

Kate Middleton kept news of her surgery quiet throughout a public holiday season

The Princess of Wales led a very public life throughout the holiday season. Alongside Prince William and their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, Kate Middleton appeared at several key events ahead of the Christmas season.

Kate and her children visited a baby bank in late November 2023, where they learned more about the in-need organization. It services mothers and children in need in Barnet, Hertfordshire, and London.

Then, on Dec. 8, 2023, Kate hosted her yearly choral concert at Westminster Abbey. She received the support of the Wales and Middleton families at the event.

On their way to Christmas Day church services, Kate, Prince William, their children, and other members of the House of Windsor appeared happy and chatty with the public. And the royal couple reportedly celebrated the New Year with Kate’s family. Finally, it was reported the princess had quietly celebrated her 42nd birthday with her family on Jan. 9, 2024, at Windsor’s Adelaide Cottage.

However, People Magazine reported that the royal couple did not indicate anything was wrong with the princess’s health within their broader circle of family and friends. News of Kate’s health crisis was reportedly a surprise even to those who work closely with the royal family.

Kate Middleton’s surgery announcement led to more questions than answers

Kensington Palace announced on Jan. 17 that Kate Middleton had been hospitalized. She was in recovery from abdominal surgery at the London Clinic.

The message shared: “The surgery was successful. It is expected that [Kate] will remain in the hospital for 10 to fourteen days before returning home to continue her recovery. Based on the current medical advice, she is unlikely to return to public duties until after Easter.”

However, the palace added that while they understood the interest in the princess’ health, they hoped the public would allow her to recover peacefully. The royal family maintains her medical information remains private.

“The Princess of Wales appreciates the interest this statement will generate. She hopes the public will understand her desire to maintain as much normality for her children as possible. And her wish that her personal medical information remains private,” the statement read.

However, some questions linger. If the surgery was planned, why was Kate’s schedule still booked? Why not reveal the medical reason why the princess had her surgery, as King Charles did in announcing his surgery for an enlarged prostate?

Kate asked for her personal medical information to remain private for the moment. She may share more details in the future.

Kate Middleton setting a ‘great example’ by putting her health first, says royal insider

After attending church with the royal family, Kate Middleton was photographed on Dec. 25, 2023.
After attending church with the royal family, Kate Middleton was photographed on Dec. 25, 2023 | Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Kate Middleton’s Surgery Announcement Exposes Alarming Details and ‘Worrying’ Truths, Claims Royal Correspondent

Kate Middleton is reportedly acting sensibly by putting her health first. She will not return to royal duties until after the Easter holiday, placing the timeline at the beginning of April 2024.

“It is sensible to take the time,” claimed a source close to the royal household to People Magazine. “That is a great example to the rest of us, as you’re often told to get back to work as soon as possible, which can be damaging.”

The princess is reportedly getting excellent care at the London Clinic. A source told the outlet, “The physical therapists are amazing, helping you recover and get back on your feet. After abdominal surgery, you need a lot of patience, and it’s a bit scary at first.”

When she arrives home, Kate will also have the assistance of her parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, and her siblings, Pippa and James. They remain supportive advocates of the Princess of Wales.

“Her parents are an enduring factor in the upbringing of their grandchildren,” a palace insider shared with People Magazine. “And they will be reassuring when she returns to Windsor to recuperate.”

Prince William has temporarily halted his royal calendar to remain present for Kate Middleton as she recuperates. He will return to public duties ahead of his wife.