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Prince William and Kate Middleton are taking a “huge risk” when it comes to the role their oldest son, Prince George, will have within the royal family. Here are the details about their jaw-dropping decision regarding their son’s future.

Prince George won’t undertake any royal duties until his 20s, claims new book

Biographer Robert Hardman’s new book New King, New Court: Charles III, the Inside Story reveals details regarding Prince George’s future. This book differs from other royal biographies. Hardman reportedly interviewed palace staffers, royal friends, and had access to royal records. 

The Mirror printed excerpts from Hardman’s book. The author claims Prince George will only perform royal duties in his 20s. This decision was made by his parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Hardman writes that William believes his “paramount duty” is to prepare his son for what lies ahead. He wants George to find his way as a royal and develop his role.

“Prince William had a significant degree of autonomy in his university education, engagement with the armed forces, and introduction to regular duties. William is determined Prince George should have a similar if not greater involvement in how he develops his royal role.”

This reinforces George’s role in King Charles’ coronation. It was a position George reportedly wanted and was not forced upon him.

A palace insider told Hardman, “Before he was even made a page at the coronation, William and Catherine wanted to ask him if he felt comfortable about it because he was the youngest. It turned out he was keen.”

Reports claim that Prince George will be 25 when he begins his greater royal role

Prince George is set for a bigger royal role, but not until he is an adult
Prince George is set for a bigger royal role, but not until he is an adult | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Hardman’s book leads readers to assume that Prince George will be around 25 when he takes on a more significant royal role. At that time, King Charles will be 90.

Daniela Elser, a commentator for, believes that if William and Kate Middleton follow through with their plan for George, they will be “taking a huge risk.”

“What that means is that if William and Kate follow this George 2038 plan, they will take a huge risk.

“They will be gambling that, pretty much, they alone can keep The Firm afloat and stave off the advances of Republic UK, while simultaneously sailing into the strong headwinds of the crown’s historical connections to slavery and the inevitable fragmentation of the Commonwealth,” she wrote.

She continued, “The temptation here is that for William and Kate (and Charles), getting the next generation and some new Windsor blood out to do a few walkabouts would go some way to maintaining, if nothing else, public fascination with the royal family and possibly public approval too.”

Prince William believes raising his children is his ‘most important job’


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In an interview with Fox News to promote his book, Robert Hardman explained that Prince William will always choose his family over the royal firm. He mimics Princess Diana’s parenting style with his three children.

“William considers one of his most important jobs is raising the next monarch. All that’s going through his head is, ‘What kind of king is George going to be?”

The Princes of Wales doesn’t “want to scare [George] off,” Hardman says. The monarch’s role is “a privilege and honor” versus “a burden.”

He added, “Yes, George is heir to the throne, and he has all these castles, art, and everything else, but in a way, he is happiest at home with a wife and kids, doing the same things other families do, kicking the ball around, going bike riding, swimming, these kinds of things.”

Prince William has resumed his royal duties after taking some time off to tend to his wife, Kate Middleton, as she recovers from abdominal surgery.