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Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are royalty, but that doesn’t mean they get out of doing chores at home. Prince William and Kate Middleton reportedly have their three children complete tasks as part of a set of household rules. However much they may detest it, a royal expert believes George, Charlotte, and Louis will someday “thank their parents.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton have George, Charlotte, and Louis do chores at the Wales house

The children of a future king cleaning? Apparently, it’s a regular occurrence at Adelaide Cottage, the Prince and Princess of Wales’ home in Windsor, England.

George, 10, Charlotte, 8, and Louis, 5, are said to have chores to do. They involve a “fun chart,” complete with gold stars for tracking progress, courtesy of mom Kate. 

As for what type of things George, Charlotte, and Louis do around the Wales house, they might have to make their beds, fill their dog Orla’s water bowl, or do the dishes after dinner.

William and Kate’s kids learn about how others live by having to ‘tidy up’ at home

According to Jennie Bond, a royal expert, while George, Charlotte, and Louis may not relish cleaning up around the house, it’s actually a “blessing.” 

“Getting the children to sort their clothes or tidy up is probably a pain for them,” Bond said (via Express). “But it is a blessing in disguise.” 

“They could spend their entire lives being waited on hand and foot, with no idea of what life is like for the rest of us,” she continued. 

“So William and Kate are doing them a huge favour [sic] by asking them to act like ‘normal’ kids,” Bond added. “They’ll thank their parents one day!” 

William and Kate’s other household rules George, Charlotte, and Louis follow

Cleaning up isn’t the only rule the Wales children have to abide by, as outlined by their parents. William and Kate reportedly have six other household rules. 

According to the outlet, one of them is limited screen time, which, per Bond, fosters family togetherness. 

The “focus on shared, screen-free experiences enhances family bonding and communication,” the royal expert said. “By implementing a screen-time cap,” she started, “the couple are guiding their children towards [sic] a balanced and healthy relationship with technology, promoting meaningful connections within the family.”

There’s also a rule about self-expression that could be especially helpful to William and Kate’s kids. “It’s tough being different,” Bond said.

“George, Charlotte, and Louis are different to their peers,” she said. “So they’re very lucky to have parents who encourage them to express their feelings and talk through their problems.”

Other rules include making life at home relatively normal, especially because, per Bond, it could potentially make being a working royal less “formal and stuffy” for George as well as less “daunting.” 

No shouting is another household rule. So is the kids acting their age. Rounding out the list of William and Kate’s household rules is encouraging volunteer work.