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Just one month after announcing she was being treated for cancer, Kate Middleton has pulled off an impossible miracle, says one royal commentator. The Princess of Wales’ feat allows her to continue to recover peacefully.

Kate Middleton fights back against cancer

On March 22, 2024, Kate Middleton released a video on the official Prince and Princess of Wales’ Instagram account where she revealed she had cancer. Since then, no further official news about the Princess of Wales’ treatment or recovery has been revealed.

Daniela Elser of reports that Kate Middleton has achieved an impossible miracle. The press is allowing her to recover in peace.

“The princess has just pulled off quite the coup. Without so much as a shot being fired or a sternly-worded statement having to be put out on starchy Kensington Palace letterhead. Kate has gone dark,” Elser writes.

“How is it that the most-hunted, most obsessed-over, most-talked-about woman on the planet has managed to pull off the greatest disappearing act since Jimmy Hoffa? What has happened in the one month since Kate’s video verges on the bloody extraordinary—nothing,” Elser claims.

Surprisingly, the United Kingdom’s press has allowed Kate to recover quietly. She asked for as much in her videotaped statement. “We hope that you will understand that, as a family, we now need some time, space, and privacy while I complete my treatment.”

The press is respecting Kate Middleton’s request for privacy

Daniela Elser notes that it has been five weeks since paparazzi last photographed Kate Middleton. Much ado was made of an image of the Princess of Wales and Prince William visiting a local farm stand in Windsor.

“No covertly shot grainy phone footage of her leaving a Kings Lynn Cafe Nero with her morning almond latte has cropped up on X, Instagram, or TikTok. No tabloid has published long lens shots of Kate and her three children enjoying a wholesome, windswept Norfolk beach gambol taken from a fishing vessel bobbing off the coastline,” Elser penned.

The commentator concludes, “And no enterprising member of the public with an eye for the main chance and a major payday has hidden behind a tree to photograph the princess taking Prince Louis to his jazz flute lessons. How has the world’s most famous woman vanished from the seeming face of the Earth?”

How did Kate Middleton pull this off?

Kate Middleton was 'forced' to reveal cancer diagnosis says commentator
Kate Middleton managed to pull off a disappearing act | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Kate Middleton ‘Battling Much More Than Cancer’: Commentator

Surprisingly, Kate Middleton managed to pull off a disappearing act simply by asking for privacy. While that sounds simplistic enough, in a day and age when anyone with a phone can document a public outing, it requires even more maneuvering on the part of the Princess of Wales and the palace.

Daniela Elser believes the UK press only deferred to Kate’s request for one reason. “They would probably enrage the public if they were gleefully sending their snappers to Norfolk and Windsor and sternly instructing them not to return until they had found and bagged their titled quarry,” she wrote.

“And yet nothing. So, has there been some ‘enforcing’ going on behind the scenes?” she questions. Elser references yet another factor in Kate’s disappearance: phone cameras. These would allow anyone with access to the internet to cash in quickly.

But surprisingly, this has not occurred. Elser believes that this means that everyone near the Princess of Wales decided to “embrace decency and restraint.” She concludes, “Kate, William, and their children have gotten the breathing room they want and need.”

Kate Middleton continues to recover from an undisclosed type of cancer. She lives at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor with her husband, Prince William, and children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.