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A royal author believes that news surrounding Kate Middleton‘s royal return is an attempt by Kensington Palace to “calm us down.” She says that releasing this positive information is a way to quell conspiracy theories surrounding the Princess of Wales’ health. However, Levin believes royal watchers should take a “wait and see” approach to any new information about Kate.

‘They have put this out to calm us down,’ Angela Levin says of new Kate Middleton news

Royal author Angela Levin spoke to GB News, where she shared her thoughts regarding the latest news to come out of Kensington Palace regarding Kate Middleton. Reportedly, the Princess of Wales is working on a project from home. This is Kate’s first significant return to royal life since her January operation.

However, Levin believes this latest news is an attempt to quell the frenzy surrounding Kate’s health. The palace’s latest reveal comes after a video of the princess at a local market was shared with a gossip site.

“This is what they said before and after she had the operation,” she said. “This is something they have put out to calm us down.”

Levin continued, “It said that she could be working even in bed if she wanted to, as she cared about it. I think people should just leave her and wait and see.”

What type of work is Kate Middleton doing from home?

According to GB News, Kensington Palace has confirmed Kate Middleton has been working on a campaign for The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood. The campaign oversees a four-month trial of a baby observation tool. It helps to detect signs of social and emotional development in young children.

The project was launched in January. This same month, Kate was hospitalized and had abdominal surgery.

Subsequently, the Princess of Wales spent the better part of almost three months recovering at the Windsor home she shares with Prince William. Kate was photographed twice during her recovery: in a car driven by her mother, Carole Middleton, and at a market with William.

In a January Instagram post, Kensington Palace shared that the Princess of Wales would refrain from public duties as a royal family member until after Easter. That estimate was made with “current medical advice,” according to the social media statement.

It also said that the princess hoped her personal medical information remained private. However, just two months after her hospitalization, a report claimed there was an attempted breach of Kate’s records.

Kate’s return to work after an attempted breach of her private hospital records

News of Kate Middleton’s return to royal duties comes less than a week after it was revealed that an attempt was made to breach her hospital records at The London Clinic. Royal author Angela Levin told GB News that the hospital breach is more important than the princess working from home.

“The hospital should be working extremely hard,” Angela Levin said, “and we should know what’s happening.” She continued, “It’s not just for the princess; it’s for anyone who goes into the hospital.”

“We don’t know who has been sent away. We don’t know what the hospital is doing about it. And it would relieve the princess to know it has been sorted,” she continued.

GB News reports that up to three people may have breached Kate’s medical records. However, there has been no further news regarding the investigation coming from Kensington Palace.