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Kate Middleton had some straightforward advice for Prince William just moments before King Charles III’s coronation got underway. According to a lip reader, the Princess of Wales had four words for her husband, the Prince of Wales, as they made their way inside Westminster Abbey. Ahead, the four words Kate had for William. Plus, how he reacted. 

William and Kate arrived at the coronation with Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte 

On May 6, 2024, William and Kate arrived a little behind schedule at Westminster Abbey in London, England, to witness the crowning of King Charles and Queen Camilla

They were joined by their two youngest children, 8-year-old Princess Charlotte and 5-year-old Prince Louis. Their oldest, Prince George, 10, who is second in the line of succession behind William, entered with his grandfather, the king, in his official role as a Page of Honor. 

For the occasion, William donned the Welsh Guards ceremonial dress uniform. Meanwhile, Kate wore a dress from Alexander McQueen, the designer responsible for her 2011 wedding gown. She accessorized with Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II’s jewelry and a headpiece from Jess Collett x Alexander McQueen. 

As for Louis and Charlotte, they also dressed up for the coronation. Charlotte sported a white Alexander McQueen dress and cape complete with a floral headpiece similar to her mom’s outfit. Louis wore a navy blue tunic with black pants. 

Kate told William to be careful of her coronation gown outside Westminster Abbey 

Now for Kate’s advice to William on coronation day. It was not anything about delivering lines while making a pledge to King Charles. Or a reminder to take a moment to observe the cheering crowds. And, nope, not to take a deep breath amid the pomp and circumstance, either. 

Rather, according to a professional lip reader, Kate cautioned her husband not to step on her dress. Cameras captured the moment, which professional lip reader Jeremy Freeman analyzed. 

Per his assessment, Kate turned to William as they headed for the entrance and said, “Just mind the gown,” (via Daily Star). 

After all, the creation, made from ivory silk crepe and silver bullion, proved incredibly meaningful. It featured embroidered roses, thistles, daffodils, and shamrocks to represent the four nations of the U.K.: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. 

Furthermore, a tripping incident would’ve most certainly gone viral and become a memorable part of the coronation. 

As for William’s reply, the lip reading expert believed William reassured Kate, appearing to say: “Don’t worry, I got [or caught] it.”

William and Kate also released a behind-the-scenes coronation weekend video

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In the days after the ceremony, William and Kate released a five-minute coronation weekend video documenting a bit of what happened behind the scenes. 

Produced by Will Warr, the same filmmaker responsible for the couple’s 10-year anniversary video, the black-and-white footage showed the Wales family at various points throughout the four-day celebration. 

There were shots of them standing on the Buckingham Palace balcony and rushing out the door, just to name a few.