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Mark the calendar, Kate Middleton fans, because she has an event scheduled. That’s right. After months out of the spotlight and many people asking, “Where is the Princess of Wales?” she’s poised for a public appearance. But, alas, it won’t be for some time. Read: months. Ahead, what event Kate has scheduled following her recovery from abdominal surgery. Plus, why there’s a chance she could be at events even sooner. 

Kate’s scheduled to make her first public appearance in June 2024 with the British Army

June 8, 2024, is, for now at least, the day Kate is slated to return to royal duties. According to the British Army’s official website, she’s scheduled to inspect House Division soldiers in her capacity as Colonel of the Irish Guards, a position she took over from Prince William.

The public appearance, which the royal family hasn’t commented on publicly at the time of writing, is part of the annual Trooping the Colour parade. 

It’s a major event on the British royal family’s schedule as it’s one of the few occasions with the wider family. And let’s not forget the annual Buckingham Palace balcony appearance. 

The Princess of Wales could start appearing in public sooner than the summer

While Kate’s first official public appearance is slated for June, that doesn’t mean plans won’t change. As in, she could make her post-surgery return sooner rather than later. Maybe even spring instead of summer. 

It’s certainly a possibility. Kensington Palace, the Prince and Princess of Wales’ office within the British royal family, said in their original statement about the surgery Kate could be carrying out duties following the Easter holiday. 

“Based on the current medical advice, she is unlikely to return to public duties until after Easter,” the palace said in their initial Jan. 17, 2024, announcement, a day after Kate’s surgery.  

That means Kate could be out and about making public appearances sometime after Easter, which falls on March 31, 2024. For now, she’s said to be recovering well at home in Windsor, England, and reportedly watching “guilty pleasure” TV shows.

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The announcement of Kate’s first public appearance after surgery comes on the heels of a paparazzi photo 

News of Kate’s first public appearance happened after a big development in the timeline of her recovery. What, exactly? Her the first post-surgery sighting. Before March 4, 2024, the 42-year-old royal hadn’t been seen publicly since Christmas Day 2023.

That all changed when paparazzi captured a long-lens image of her in Windsor, England. The photo, published by TMZ, showed Kate in a car with her mother, Carole Middleton.

Kate sported sunglasses in the photo, sitting in the passenger’s seat while her mom drove. The image reportedly may have been taken on her return from taking her and the Prince of Wales’ children — Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5 — to school.

Kate’s appearance came amid various conspiracy theories online and speculation surrounding the state of Kate’s health as she continues to recover.