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Kids say the darndest things, even to royalty. During a visit to Scotland, Kate Middleton — and Prince William — experienced this firsthand. For the Princess of Wales, at least, it wasn’t the first time in 2023. The three words Kate said in response to being asked, “Who are you?” Plus, the “tricky” question fielded by her husband, the Prince of Wales. 

Kate identified herself as ‘William’s wife’ when a child in Scotland didn’t recognize her

The fame that comes with her future queen status just might, on occasion, go to Kate’s head. However, schoolchildren were quick to remind the 41-year-old that not everyone knows she’s British royalty. 

While visiting the towns of Moray and Inverness, Scotland, Kate and William, who are known by their Scottish titles of Duke and Duchess of Rothesay while in the country, met with children at Burghead Primary School.

Chatting with kids on Nov. 2, 2023, one asked Kate, “Who are you?” (via Newsweek). Her response was simple. Not that she’s the Princess of Wales, the Duchess of Rothesay, royalty, or even a parent. “Who am I?” Kate replied. “I’m married to William.” 

A child in Scotland also asked Prince William if it’s ‘tricky being a prince’

Kate wasn’t the only one on the receiving end of questions in Scotland. So was her husband. While chatting with the children, William, 41, was heard being asked if it’s “tricky being a prince.” 

Similar to Kate, William repeated the question back, saying: “Is it tricky being a prince?” He avoided the question, however, naming his past career as “tricky.” 

“It’s tricky being a pilot,” William said before adding, “How’s that for an answer?” No. 1 in the royal family’s line of succession, William referenced his time as a helicopter pilot. First, as a search and rescue pilot in the British Royal Air Force. Then, as an air ambulance service pilot. 

Since retiring from flying professionally in 2017, William has continued flying helicopters, but only occasionally. 

A child previously asked Kate what it’s like to be a princess 

Kate, too, received a question about being a princess. Just not on this particular occasion. While answering students’ questions during a surprise appearance at the Chelsea Flower Show’s first children’s picnic, a young girl asked, “What is it like being a princess?” in video footage (via The Daily Mail). 

“You have to work hard,” Kate replied at the May 2023 event, where she was also said to look like a born teacher. “But, you know, the best thing about it is meeting kiddies like you.”

William and Kate’s visit to Scotland followed a short pause on royal duties. It marked their first joint public appearance since honoring World Mental Health Day on Oct. 12, 2023, with a visit to a SportsAid mental fitness workshop

The couple spent the last few weeks of October 2023 with their children, Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5. The reason was that the kids were on a break from classes at Lambrook School near the Wales family home of Adelaide Cottage in Windsor, England.