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Mick Jagger is one of the most famous ladies’ men of the Baby Boomer generation. Katy Perry is one of the most famous sex symbols of her generation. Jagger may have made a pass at Perry – or maybe he didn’t.

Perry remembers Jagger hitting on her when she was around 18 years old. Jagger categorically denies he did so. Regardless, Perry said some nice things about Jagger.

Katy Perry performing “Beast of Burden” onstage with the Rolling Stones| J. Bouquet/The Rolling Stones via Getty Images

The time Katy Perry and Mick Jagger created a song together

First, a little background. Alfie is a 1960s film starring Michael Caine. Its about a ladies’ man who has lots of girlfriends but realizes he should settle down. Caine’s promiscuity in the film typifies the swinging ‘60s. In 2004, Alfie was remade. Who better to make music for the film than an artist who typified the swinging ‘60s?

Jagger recorded a song called “Old Habits Die Hard” for the soundtrack of the 2004 film Alfie. On the song, he worked with legendary songwriter Dave A. Stewart of the Eurythmics. He also worked with a singer who would become a legend: Perry, who provided backing vocals for the track. In 2013, Perry opened up about what it was like for her to meet the Rolling Stones frontman.

“Old Habits Die Hard,” the Mick Jagger song from Alfie which features backing vocals from Katy Perry

The times Katy Perry and Mick Jagger crossed paths

Perry said “I actually went to dinner with him one time. And he hit on me when I was like 18!” The interviewer asked why she didn’t respond to Jagger’s advance. Perry said “Well, you bring a friend, and then they do them. You sacrifice your friend.”

Perry had some kind words for Jagger. Discussing his flirtation with her, she said “But that was a long time ago and since then he’s been very kind and I got to sing ‘Beast of Burden’ on his stage on their tour.”

Mick Jagger and Katy Perry performing the Rolling Stones’ classic hit “Beast of Burden” during the 50 and Counting Tour

Perry performed a duet version of “Beast of Burden” with Jagger during the Rolling Stone’s 50 and Counting tour. Perry said she was honored to be able to perform a duet with Jagger. She gyrated on Jagger during the performance. She bragged about gyrating on him on her Twitter page.

How Mick Jagger remembers things

Jagger doesn’t remember hitting on Perry. A representative for the Rolling Stones’ frontman said Jagger “categorically denies that he has ever made a pass at Katy Perry. Perhaps she is confusing him with someone else.”

Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones shooting Nicolas Roeg’s film Performance in 1968 | Joe Bangay/Express/Getty Images

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Who’s telling the truth here? Is anyone misremembering anything? It’d be ridiculous for someone to claim to know exactly what went on. However, even if Jagger hit on Perry, she didn’t seem upset by his actions. She had some kind words for him. She also seemed happy to work with the Rolling Stones in the following years.

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