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Reese Witherspoon once left a bad impression on filmmaker Kevin Smith for her alleged attitude towards his ex-girlfriend. Because of this, Smith had some unkind words to say about the Oscar-winner.

Kevin Smith was once put off by Reese Witherspoon’s attitude towards an old girlfriend

Kevin Smith posing while wearing a purple blazer.
Kevin Smith | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Smith didn’t have the greatest interaction with the Legally Blonde star. The acclaimed director bumped into Witherspoon at a party with his then-girlfriend Joey Lauren Adams. Smith explained that the Chasing Amy actor lost out a role in the film Overnight to Witherspoon. But when Adams went to congratulate Witherspoon on her victory, Smith alleged that Witherspoon was less than friendly.

“So Joey said, ‘Hey Reese, I just wanted to say congratulations. I think you’ll do really great with the part.’ And Reese just gave this dead-eyed look and was like, ‘Whatever,’” Smith once told Maxim (via Contact Music).

This interaction made Smith view Witherspoon in a different light.

“At this point she wasn’t even the Reese Witherspoon that everybody mistakenly knows and loves. She was Reese Witherspoon circa [1994 movie SFW],” he said. “To have that kind of attitude back then; I guess she was meant for stardom.”

Kevin Smith claimed Reese Witherspoon mocked his writing on the set of ‘Overnight’

On the website View Askew Productions, Smith claimed that his hostility towards Witherspoon only grew after she mocked him. The Clerks director claimed Witherspoon insulted his writing on the Overnight set, which further antagonized him.

“The mockery was thus: Reese and Paul Rudd (the male lead) are doing the closing shot of the flick, where they walk away from camera. They’re supposed to be talking playfully, but since it’s understood this is the closing shot (and, presumably, end-credits music will be playing), no dialogue is written,” Smith wrote. “So the director tells the actors to just make stuff up, as it’s not going to be heard anyway. What follows is the exchange, as told to me and my elephantine memory (and ass), by someone who was there.”

Witherspoon would then go on to tell Rudd that Smith’s dialogue “sucked.” After getting wind of these comments, Smith experienced a mix of emotions.

“Needless to say, when I’m told this, I am livid. Enraged. Mildly amused, yes (hell, it was a good dig), but more enraged,” he added.

Kevin Smith asked Selma Blair where Reese Witherspoon lived so he could vandalize her house


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Smith further asserted that he was so angered by Witherspoon’s perceived behavior that he wanted some taste of revenge. So when he heard that actor Selma Blair knew where she lived, he wanted to seize the opportunity to get even. But Blair refused to give Smith the address.

“Selma insists I’ll get caught and give her up as the address-provider in the process, but I counter that not only would I not give her up, but I’ll endure hours of police questioning following my apprehension and still remain zip-lipped,” he said.

Smith quipped to Blair not only did he think he was going to get caught, but he wanted to get caught. If only for the hilarity that might ensue.

“I offer that getting caught is a must, because how delicious is it going to be to have Ryan Philipe chasing me down the block in his skivvies, all piss and vinegar, after the yolks have hit the fan? And how infinitely more delicious will the moment be when Way of the Gun catches my ass (which, assuredly, he would, as he’s extremely physically fit, and I can barely find the energy to make it to the bowl,” he wrote.

But Blair still wouldn’t give up Witherspoon’s address, leaving the Jersey Girl filmmaker disappointed.