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A royal insider claims King Charles has a bizarre bedtime ritual that keeps him awake until sunrise. His night owl lifestyle suits the king of the United Kingdom but allows for little rest. Here are the details.

King Charles is a night owl, and his bizarre bedtime ritual keeps him awake

Actor Sophie Winkleman is married to Lord Frederick Windsor. He is the son of the late Queen Elizabeth’s first cousin, Prince Michael of Kent.

Winkleman knows King Charles well and has shared details regarding his night owl lifestyle. She reveals that the 75-year-old works late into the evening and early morning hours, stopping just before sunrise.

Winkleman calls Charles a “very dear friend.” She reveals she knows his bedtime ritual after visiting him at home.

“I spend a bit of time with him,” Winkleman told Tatler. She admitted the monarch stays up until the sun is close to rising.”

However, his bizarre bedtime ritual is writing letters. Winkleman says this keeps Charles up until the early morning hours.

“You see how he works all day long, has a quick supper, and then disappears until about 4 am to write letters. He cares about so many things, and he comes up with brilliant solutions,” Winkleman revealed.

The actor, who recently appeared in the feature film Wonka with Timothee Chalamet, also shared details of her relationship with other royal family members. Here’s what she had to say.

Sophie Winkleman cites Queen Elizabeth’s advice helped her recovery after a devastating car crash

After being driven home from the set of Trust, Danny Boyle’s TV drama about the Getty kidnapping, Sophie Winkleman a crash that left her trapped in the back seat of the upside-down car. She spent three months in the hospital recovering from breaking three bones in her back.

“It was quite sobering. Physio left me in so much pain, it wasn’t working,” Winkleman admitted.

However, after speaking with Queen Elizabeth, Winkleman found the advice she sought. The monarch suggested a therapy often used at Buckingham Palace for her horses.

“She asked how I was,” Winkleman explained. “She said, ‘We can’t have that. You have to go in the water.’”

The queen shared that when horses had broken backs, they swam, and so she let me use her pool at Buckingham Palace. “That’s the reason I got better. It was so typically thoughtful,” she added.

King Charles also instructed his cook at Clarence House to supply Winkleman’s family with meals twice a day for months. ‘It was lifesaving, having this massive thing twice daily that I didn’t have to worry about,’ she admits.

Is she close with other royal family members?

King Charles and Sophie Winkleman are photographed together at Royal Ascot in 2023.
King Charles and Sophie Winkleman are photographed together at Royal Ascot in 2023 | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

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Sophie Winkleman is “really good friends” with all of her in-laws. She praises their character above all.

“It’s a really daft thing to say, but behind the camera, they’re really fun, clever, kind people,” Winkleman claims.

“I love Sophie Edinburgh, Sarah Chatto, Zara, the York girls, Tim and Princess Anne, Fergie, all the Kents and Gloucesters,” she admits.

“I love Catherine and William, but they’re so busy and don’t live in London, so I don’t see them much.,” she Winkleman continued. She did praise William for his concern after her accident, learning he asked an air ambulance colleague to ‘take good care of her’ while Sophie, Countess of Wessex, visited her in the hospital.

Sophie Winkleman’s husband, Lord Frederick Windsor, is 53rd in line for the throne. The couple has two children, Maud and Isabella.