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The royal family relationships are more confusing than ever. Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wed back in 2018, there have been rumors of a royal rift between Harry and the rest of the family. Of course, we have since learned that those rumors were true, but now, it’s hard to tell where things stand between the Duke of Sussex and his father, King Charles and brother, Prince William.

Some insiders claim things are fine between Harry and his dad, while others say it’s not that simple. Now, one royal expert has revealed that sources familiar with the king’s “contingency plan” (due to his cancer diagnosis) have said the plan does not have a place for Harry.

King Charles gives Prince Harry a kiss on the cheek in 2014 with Prince William
King Charles gives Prince Harry a kiss on the cheek in 2014 | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince Harry might not be included in King Charles’ potential contingency plan

Back in early 2024, Buckingham Palace shocked the world when it revealed news of Charles’ unexpected cancer diagnosis. The king had undergone a prostate procedure when the cancer was discovered. He does not have prostate cancer, but the type of cancer, its stage, and his treatment plan have all been kept under wraps.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl recently revealed that the king reportedly does have a contingency plan in place, though, if he can’t carry out his royal duties — and it doesn’t involve his younger son, Prince Harry.

“The idea of Harry coming back to the UK to carry out engagements on behalf of the King is highly, highly unlikely,” Nicholl said (via Express), referring to rumors that Harry could return to royal duties in a part-time capacity. “There is a carefully mapped out contingency plan in place if the king is unable to carry out public-facing engagements over the coming months, and none of these involve Prince Harry.”

Nicholl isn’t the only one who claims this. Express reports that another source told Vanity Fair a similar story. “The brothers are barely speaking, so the idea of William wanting Harry to come back and represent the firm is both laughable and unthinkable.”


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Prince William and Prince Harry might have to set aside their differences

It’s clear that things between William and Harry still aren’t great. The two men never talk about each other, and when Harry returned to the UK for a quick trip shortly after he learned of his father’s diagnosis, he never met up with William.

However, regardless of Charles’ current health, he can’t rule forever. And when the older generation dies, William will be left with absolutely no working royals outside of his own children. If that’s the case, the monarchy could be spread so thin that it can’t adequately take on royal duties. And in that case, William might have no choice but to lean on Harry and Meghan to pick up some of the slack. Right now, though, it seems hard to imagine a world where William and Harry are best buds again.