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Prince Harry and King Charles’ fractured relationship continues as the Duke of Sussex visits the United Kingdom for the Invictus Games anniversary service. Father and son have not yet bridged the gap, and Charles is reportedly ‘devastated’ over the breakdown of their bond, says the king’s former butler.

King Charles’ former butler shares his take on Charles and Harry’s relationship

King Charles’ former butler, Grant Harrold, discussed how he believes the monarch is reacting to remaining separate from Prince Harry. He told GBNews the king is “devastated.”

‘I have absolutely no doubt that, as far as that’s concerned, [Charles] will be devastated by the fact that their relationship wasn’t like it used to be when I was there. They were very close,’ Harrold explains.

“Seeing and following what’s happened over the past couple of years is upsetting because they were very close,” he continued. “Harry is probably on his mind on a daily basis.”

Harrold was a member of the royal household of King Charles III and Camilla Parker Bowles, based at their country Highgrove House. He was a butler for Charles and Camilla, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry from 2004 to 2011.

Prince Harry shared some scathing commentary about King Charles’ wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, between the pages of his autobiography Spare. He claims Camilla “sacrificed” him on “her personal P.R. altar.” and called her “dangerous” at another time.

“Absolutely,” says Grant Harrold. You can’t put something like that in a book and expect everything to be fine.”

“It’s hurtful. However, for me, it’s very confusing,” he added.

“I always thought they got on and to say that those thoughts and feelings weren’t there, but I never witnessed any of that,” Harrold concluded. “Sadly, it came to this: a family that isn’t as united as it once was.”

Prince Harry and King Charles in side-by-side photographs
Prince Harry and King Charles in side-by-side photographs | Karwai Tang/Hannah McKay/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

King Charles Petty Over Prince Harry’s UK Visit: Commentator

Although it seems strange to royal outsiders that King Charles and Prince Harry wouldn’t see each other when father and son were both in the same town, to Grant Harrold, their separation could be a matter of scheduling. Their work diaries may not coincide with each other.

“The king has returned to his royal duties,” Harrold explains. “His diary may be filled because he’s only doing certain things at a time.”

“Most of us might think, ‘Harry’s in the country. [Charles} may want the possibility of seeing him. However, their diaries could be clashing.”

“The question beneath the surface is that there is this continued fallout as Prince William is also not going to see his brother,” Harrold continued. Neither of them are going to attend the service at St. Paul’s Cathedral [for the Invictus Games].”

“Normally, when families are in a country, they want to see each other. Although it seems strange, it isn’t completely impossible that it’s because of work.” 

Prince Harry will appear at St. Paul’s Cathedral to celebrate the Invictus Games’ 10th anniversary. No members of the royal family will attend the service.