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King Charles “protects” Kate Middleton against any royal family members who question when she will return to royal duties. He threatens the “riot act” against anyone who speaks negatively about the Princess of Wales, claims a royal author.

King Charles is Kate Middleton’s protector

King Charles has become Kate Middleton’s fiercest champion. The king continues to stand up for the Princess of Wales as she recovers from a cancer diagnosis.

Fox News Digital spoke to Christopher Andersen, author of The King, about Charles’ more protective role toward his daughter-in-law. Anderson believes the king’s devotion to supporting Kate within the palace is raising eyebrows in the royal family.

“There are those inside and outside the palace who have criticized Kate over the years [before her diagnosis] for supposedly not shouldering her share of the royal burden. For not going to as many ribbon cuttings, hospital openings, and plaque unveilings as the late Queen Elizabeth II, the king or Princess Anne, for instance,” Andersen explained.

“It has always been Kate’s choice to prioritize her children’s well-being over royal duties,” the author continued. “In the past, Charles has remained silent about this and allowed the sniping from the sidelines to continue. But no more. Now the king brooks no criticism of Kate, period.”

“Other royal family members and courtiers alike know that they risk being read the Riot Act by the king if they dare utter a negative syllable about Kate,” Andersen concludes to Fox News Digital. “Charles has also made it clear that everyone should stand down regarding when and how she returns to a full public schedule.”

King Charles impacted by Kate Middleton’s bravery

King Charles and Kate Middleton in a photo montage
King Charles and Kate Middleton in a photo montage | Yui Mokadrian/Dennis/ Getty Images

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Both King Charles and Kate Middleton battled cancer diagnoses at the same time. These results came after surgeries revealed each had the disease.

Christopher Andersen alleged to Fox News Digital that Middleton’s illness privately impacted Charles. He finds her “brave,” as the author suggests.

“Charles was moved to tears by Kate’s stunning video announcement that she has cancer,” Andersen alleged. “The king sees her as, in a word, brave.”

Anderson continued, “He also knows better than anyone that the monarchy’s future is, to a considerable extent, in her hands. She is not only the wife of a future king but the mother of a future monarch.”

“Kate has also shown herself to be unswervingly loyal to the royal family and above reproach, things he can’t always say about other Windsors. Therefore, the king showed his appreciation by bestowing on Kate the highest accolade he could, making her the first royal ever appointed to the Order of the Companions of Honor,” Andersen said. 

The author concludes, “Nobody understands more fully than King Charles just how difficult fighting cancer can be; the toll it takes emotionally and physically. The king has clarified that whatever Kate feels she needs, she gets.”

King Charles and Kate Middleton shared their diagnosis in different ways

The BBC revealed in February that King Charles was diagnosed with cancer. Their report came via a statement by Buckingham Palace.

The type of cancer the king has was not shared, but the palace did assure the public it was not prostate cancer. The disease was discovered after the king’s scheduled surgery for an enlarged prostate.

The king subsequently began “regular treatments,” according to the palace, and postponed his public duties. Charles returned to forward-facing events in April.

On March 22, 2024, after much speculation about her health following what the palace called “planned abdominal surgery,” Kate Middleton revealed she was diagnosed with cancer. The Princess of Wales subsequently began a course of chemotherapy.

In an Instagram post, Kate said, “This, of course, came as a huge shock. William and I have been doing everything we can to process and manage this privately for the sake of our young family.”

The exact date of Kate Middleton’s return to work is contingent on medical advice. She continues to recover at Adelaide Cottage, the home she shares with Prince William and their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.