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There are some token differences between what Kate Middleton is going through and what King Charles is going through. Both the Princess of Wales and the King of the United Kingdom are taking leaves from royal duties in order to work through medical issues — yet Kate seems to be taking the brunt of the questions from the public. It likely stems from one thing: Charles has shown himself since his cancer diagnosis, and Kate has not.

Charles was recently spotted once more as he undergoes cancer treatment, while Kate remains entirely away from the spotlight. Why?

King Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles with Kate Middleton
King Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles with Kate Middleton | Karwai Tang/WireImage

King Charles isn’t making Kate Middleton look too great

Back in early 2024, Charles shocked the world when Buckingham Palace announced that the king, who had only been officially crowned in May 2023, was undergoing cancer treatment. The palace did not reveal what type, what stage, or what his treatment plan is. Charles has remained away from royal duties, but he’s continued to show himself in some capacity. And on March 13, Express reported that Charles was once again spotted in the back of a car; he even waved to crowds as he drove by. It’s unclear where he was going, but he continues to operate as king in an official capacity despite that he isn’t actually attending royal engagements. Camilla Parker Bowles was in the car with her husband.

While Charles continues to be spotted, Kate has gone completely into hiding. The Wales family even attempted to heavily edit a photo, which was posted on Mother’s Day and suggested Kate was doing fine. It was pulled from news outlets upon closer inspection.

Kate’s lack of public appearances has led to a slew of conspiracy theories. And the fact that Charles continues to be spotted in public despite undergoing cancer treatments leads many to believe that something dark is going on with the Princess of Wales.

King Charles with Kate Middleton and Prince William
King Charles with Kate Middleton and Prince William | Danny Lawson/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Royal Expert Says Kate Middleton Will Be An ‘Absentee Queen’ and Compares Her to Melania Trump

Kate Middleton is supposed to return to royal duties after Easter

Kate has made headlines in recent weeks due to her absence from royal duties. The princess underwent a planned abdominal surgery back in January 2024, yet the internet has been abuzz with theories about where Kate could be. The rumors continue to spiral — some have even said Kate is deceased.

The biggest rumor floating around appears to be trouble in paradise between Kate and William, who have been together since they were practically still teenagers. People have even suggested that William has been having a secret affair and might have fathered other children. And while it all sounds too bizarre to be true, the fact that the royal family has remained quiet through it all only keeps the rumors flying.