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Kody Brown and Meri Brown’s marriage took a major hit in 2015. First, Kody opted to divorce his first wife to marry his fourth wife. Not long after the divorce, Meri was caught in a catfishing scandal. The couple never recovered. Since then, Sister Wives fans have watched Kody and Meri go from troubled to completely estranged. In season 17, Kody conceded that he wouldn’t mind if Meri opted to marry someone else because he doesn’t consider himself married to her. In a shocking clip from the upcoming Sister Wives tell-all episode, Kody now claims that Christine Brown, his ex-wife, is to blame for his total estrangement from Meri. 

Kody claims Christine freaked out when he suggested he wanted to reconcile with Meri Brown 

Kody and Meri Brown never recovered from their legal divorce and the catfishing incident. The couple tried to work things out. They saw a therapist, and they talked about their feelings. As time passed, Kody appeared to lose all interest in reconciling with his first wife. Eventually, the duo admitted that they were almost entirely estranged. In an upcoming clip for the Sister Wives tell-all episode, Kody seems to blame Christine Brown for his estrangement from Meri. 

Meri Brown and Kody Brown in a photo from their early marriage. Kody blames Christine Brown for his estrangement from Meri in an upcoming 'Sister Wives' tell-all episode
Meri Brown and Kody Brown | TLC/YouTube

In a clip from the upcoming episode, Kody appears to tell the host that he had been in a place where he was considering reconciling with Meri Brown. In the brief clip, he went on to say, “Christine lost her s*** that day.” The clip alludes to the idea that Christine is the one who put a stop to Kody’s reconciliation with Meri. 

Christine Brown claims Kody Brown is lying in ‘Sister Wives’ tell-all episode clip

While Kody seems resolute in his recollection of events, Christine Brown challenges his memory. In a preview for the upcoming Sister Wives tell-all episode, Christine insists that Kody is “lying.” 

Meri Brown and Christine Brown have a hard chat on 'Sister Wives'
Meri Brown and Christine Brown | TLC/YouTube

While the clip is choppy, the editing implies that Christine was asked about Kody blaming her for his estrangement. Christine said, “That’s a lie; that’s not me.” Meri, for her part, claims she had no knowledge of any discussion between Kody and Christine regarding a potential reconciliation. The preview did not share clips of Janelle Brown or Robyn Brown reacting to what Kody said. Fans will need to wait for the upcoming episode to see if they have thoughts on the revelation. 

Is Kody Brown telling the truth about Christine Brown? 

Christine and Kody have had their difference. The couple separated because of those differences, and most Sister Wives fans have taken Christine’s side. Since season 16, Kody has been pretty awful to Christine. He has been demanding, aggressive and mean-spirited. He treated Meri the same way before ultimately discarding her, but is he lying about Christine freaking out about Meri?

While there is no way to know for sure, as Christine denies the allegation and Meri claims to know nothing about it, there could be some truth to it. Christine has been clear about her feelings regarding Meri. She doesn’t wish to have a relationship with her and has cited longstanding issues with Kody Brown’s first wife as the reason why.


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Is it terribly farfetched to think she had an issue with Kody considering working on his marriage to Meri, which would, inevitably, take time and attention away from the other wives? No, not really. Can you blame her for feeling that way? We can’t. Jealousy, anger, and hard feelings are common in polygamy. If she did have an opinion on Kody and Meri’s reconciliation, her feelings would be completely valid. While there may be some truth to Kody’s statement, it seems plausible that Kody is blowing a conversation with Christine out of proportion to shift the narrative. 

The Sister Wives tell-all episode is set to air on December 18 at 10 pm according to TLC’s schedule. Sister Wives episodes are available for early preview starting at midnight via discovery+.