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Frozen 2 continues the story of Anna (Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Idina Menzel). In Frozen, Elsa exiled herself because she feared her ice powers would harm her sister and the kingdom of Arendelle. But Elsa discovered that the power of love was stronger than fear, and she reunited with Anna to become the queen of Arendelle. Frozen 2 picks up three years later.

Frozen II
Lieutenant Mattias and Anna in Frozen 2 | Disney

The cast of Frozen 2 spoke about the Disney sequel at a press conference on Saturday, November 8, two weeks before the long-awaited sequel finally hits theaters. Kristen Bell revealed what she considers the two most important lines in the film. This won’t spoil Frozen 2. You can just wait for these lines when you see the film November 22.

Kristen Bell returns in ‘Frozen 2’

For these two lines to make sense, here’s a little bit of context. Anna and Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) have been together for the ensuing three years after Frozen. Kristoff is ready to propose, but every time he tries, something interrupts him.

Frozen 2
Elsa, Anna and Kristoff in Frozen 2 | Disney

Meanwhile, Elsa is hearing a call to the Enchanted Forest. The Enchanted Forest was the sight of a tragic battle Anna and Elsa heard about when they were kids. Returning to the Enchanted Forest is the all new adventure of Frozen 2.

The first important line in ‘Frozen 2’

In one of Frozen 2’s action scenes, Kristoff helps Anna in a pinch. He’s not the knight in shining armor though. He’s a highly evolved feminist man.

“There’s one moment where Anna is in distress and he swoops in and picks her up,” Kristen Bell said. “It’s in the midst of battle, right. He doesn’t say ‘I’ve got you’ and start taking over. He swoops her up and very quickly looks at her and he says, ‘I’m here. What do you need?’  It’s mind blowing.

Kristoff, Elsa and Anna in Frozen II
Kristoff, Elsa and Anna in Frozen 2 | Disney

Frozen turned the Disney princess myth on its head by focusing on the love between two sisters, and self-empowerment. Bell feels Frozen 2 gives Kristoff his due.

“We talk about female empowerment and it’s lead by two women, but I personally think that the representation Jonathan gives for the guys is out of this world,” Bell said. “It’s so subliminal, I don’t even know if people will pick up on it.”

The second important line in ‘Frozen 2’

As Kristoff tries to get his big question out, he’s on a roller coaster of emotions with Anna. Kristoff never takes it personally though.

“The other one when Anna apologizes to him for something and he says, ‘It’s okay. My love is not fragile,’” Kristen Bell said. “The example of an egoless love like that, it’s really profound and I think people are going to be excited as to how the men are represented as well.”

Anna and Olaf in Frozen II
Anna and Olaf in Frozen 2 | Disney

Evan Rachel Wood plays Anna and Elsa’s mother in Frozen 2. Mom approves of Anna’s potential fiance. 

“He’s Prince Sincere, not Prince Charming,” wood said.

Songwriter Kristen Anderson-Lopez even got a line into Kristoff’s song that she hopes illustrates what Bell was pointing out. In the song, even reindeer Sven can sing.

“Magical fantasy Sven says, ‘You feel what you feel and your feelings are real,’” Anderson-Lopez said. “If that one message comes across to boys, that the boys get to feel empowered to feel their feelings in a big or small but hopefully big ‘80s power ballad kind of way, then we’ve done a little bit in the war against toxic masculinity.”