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Rumors surrounding the paternity of Kylie Jenner’s daughter have been ongoing ever since the public found out she was pregnant. Although Jenner has always named Travis Scott as the father, Baby Stormi was conceived during a shady period of Jenner’s dating life.

Jenner had just broken up with Tyga, and only just started dating Scott. Plus, rumors insist she was still sleeping with Tyga for a while after their relationship ended. 

Months ago, Jenner thought the drama was over. Supposedly the public had accepted Scott as the father. But unfortunately, it looks like the theory still lives on. 

Fans still think Tyga could be Stormi’s father

Stormi is two years old, but the public is still questioning her paternity. In a recent Reddit thread, one fan brought up the issue, and it prompted plenty of further speculation. 

“Do you guys think Travis is her dad,” the fan wrote. “Someone said on here that she looks part Asian and it got me thinking… that baby looks exactly like Tyga.” They continued the post by pointed out that rumors claim Jenner was still seeing Tyga around that time, although she had just started seeing Scott. 

The responses proved that there’s still plenty to debate over Stormi’s paternity. Some agreed with the original poster. “I still don’t see any of Travis in Stormi at all [and I definitely] think she looks like Tyga,” one person wrote. 

Others didn’t believe either rapper would go along with anything but the truth. “What would Travis’ incentive [be] to play along, and why would Tyga allow his child to be claimed by someone else?,” a fan pointed out. 

Despite the constant rumors, there were plenty who believe Scott is the real father. “I definitely think Travis is the father,” one person commented. “She has that sullen look that he has sometimes… I bet she would look more obviously like [Tyga] if she was [his].” 

What is the timeline around Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy? 

Perhaps this debate can be settled once and for all by examining the timeline around Jenner’s pregnancy and Stormi’s birth. We know that Stormi was born on February 1, 2018. According to an online pregnancy conception calculator, Jenner probably conceived Stormi between May 6 and May 13, of 2017. 

After dating for around two years, Jenner broke up with Tyga around the beginning of April 2017. People reported the breakup on April 3, although at the time, the outlet thought it would only be a little break. However, the couple may have split a few days before that.

On March 29, Tyga’s ex and baby momma, Blac Chyna blasted him on Snapchat, claiming he didn’t pay child support and was cheating on Jenner. This could have been what prompted an argument between Tyga and Jenner. 

Just a couple of weeks later, on April 16, reports surfaced that Jenner was seen with Scott at the Coachella music festival. After that point, the couple was seen together more and more. Jenner even joined Scott on tour for a while around May and June. 

There are rumors that Jenner and Tyga continued to sleep together after their breakup. But, looking at the timeline, she was spending a lot of time with Scott during the weeks when Stormi was probably conceived. So, the timeline shows Scott is most likely the father. 

Kylie Jenner may have done a paternity test


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A few months after Stormi’s birth, The Sun reported that Jenner had taken a paternity test. According to their source, Tyga had his own suspensions around her pregnancy and had contacted her several times asking if he could be the father. Jenner eventually agreed to take a paternity test, which showed Scott at the father. 

Shortly after the test was taken, Tyga tweeted that he’d never claimed to be involved with anyone else’s family, which seemed to refer to Stormi and Jenner. 

There’s always the possibility that a paternity test was never taken since Jenner hasn’t confirmed it herself. Although, she’s always said Scott is the father. If she had any doubts, she most likely would have taken one.

There’s also the question of motive. Why would Jenner hide the true identity of Stormi’s father? In this case, there’s no reason to.

All the evidence seems to suggest Scott is Stormi’s father, but then again, Jenner is the only one who can answer that for sure. And, in the end, it’s nobody’s business but their own.