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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has exposed financial inequities across the globe. In the United States, people are unemployed in vast numbers, dependent on government assistance for help as they struggle to pay for their homes and food. Meanwhile, celebrities like the KarJenners continue to flaunt their wealth on social media and go on lavish vacations though many states have called for a freeze in non-essential travel.

Kylie Jenner, in particular, has left fans baffled with her choices amid these last several moments. In March as cases surged in the U.S. and California issued a Stay-At-Home order, the reality star was the first to urge fans to stay inside to keep themselves and others safe.

Though cases have skyrocketed in California following what seemed to be a premature reopening, Jenner has been spotted parting at clubs, visiting restaurants, and most recently, vacationing at a luxury resort in Utah.

Kylie Jenner’s Utah vacation horrified her fans

Just as California went into a second lockdown amid a slew of new COVID-19 cases and deaths, Jenner decided it was the perfect time for a luxurious vacation. The Kylie Cosmetics mogul, her supermodel sister, Kendall Jenner, and her baby daughter, Stormi headed to Amangiri Hotel, a five-star resort in Canyon Point, Utah. Room prices range from $3,300 to $6,400 per night.

Jenner posted a ton of photos against the crystalline pools, raw concrete architecture, natural shrubs, rolling hills, rocks, and dunes of the resort. The resort is located next to the lands of the Navajo Nation, the largest Indigenous American reservation in the country.

Fans were horrified that Jenner would choose to travel during a pandemic, putting an already vulnerable community at risk. They are calling the makeup mogul out big time for her “privilege.”

The Navajo Nation near Kylie Jenner’s vacation spot is experiencing a coronavirus breakout

At present, the state of Utah and the Navajo Nation are battling a devastating coronavirus outbreak. Navajo Times journalist Arlyssa Becenti called for Jenner to be fined for her cavalier attitude. Meanwhile, Nike designer Tracie Jackson released an anguished filled statement. It read,

I can’t go home to my land bc so many people are testing positive and getting exposed. Kylie gets to walk in and out like it’s nothing while I’m sitting here praying my family is okay. This is the reality in America, celebrities get to do what they want while we deal with reality.

According to the Navajo Department of Health, the reservation has been under a Stay-At-Home order since July 5.


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Kylie Jenner fans are disgusted she posed nearly nude on sacred land

Fans aren’t just upset by Jenner’s travels. They are also disgusted that she posed nearly nude on sacred land. Fans have speculated that photos of Jenner in a tiny orange bikini were taken at Antelope Canyon, which along with all other Navajo Nation parks are shut down until further notice.

After sharing photos of her scantly clad body on the lands, Jenner’s fans shamed her in the comments calling her, “disrespectful” and ‘”ignorant.” One person said, “How disrespectful of Kylie Jenner to vacation on Navajo land despite the very public announcements asking ‘tourists’ to stay off the reservation. But! Her damn photos were more important than our sovereignty.” Another added, “Kylie this is beyond disgusting, its downright shameful and selfish behavior.”

An insider close to Jenner claims the photos weren’t taken at Antelope Canyon or any other closed park.