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Leonardo DiCaprio Once Admitted That He’s Never Gotten Used To Being Famous — ‘It Kind of Feels Like a Video Game’

Leonardo DiCaprio has spent the majority of his life as a celebrity, but he became a true superstar after the success of 'Titanic.' Despite having been famous for over 20 years, DiCaprio assures that he's never quite gotten used to living in the public eye.

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most recognizable faces in the entertainment business. With DiCaprio having starred in several international blockbusters such as Titanic and many Academy Award-nominated films including The Revenant, it’s easy to see why everyone knows his name. 

However, even after more than 20 years in the spotlight, DiCaprio still hasn’t fully adjusted to the attention that comes with being famous. The Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood star once admitted that despite all of the wealth and accolades he’s accumulated, being a public figure has never been a comfortable experience for him. 

Leonardo DiCaprio has never fully gotten used to being famous 

Leonardo DiCaprio arrives at Home restaurant during a visit to Edinburgh, Scotland
Leonardo DiCaprio arrives at Home restaurant during a visit to Edinburgh, Scotland | Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

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DiCaprio talked about the challenges of being famous during a resurfaced 2015 interview with WIRED. He compared the experience to being in a videogame but also stated he understands that it comes with his profession. 

“You know, the truth is, it’s very surreal. I don’t think anyone really gets used to being recognized around the world,” he said. “It kind of feels like a videogame at times, especially with paparazzi and people following you and things of that nature. But it’s part of who I am now. It’s part of my life as long as I choose to do what I do as a profession, and I love what I do.”

When asked how he survives the pressure of being famous, he had an interesting response. 

“I think I survive because I don’t limit myself. If there’s some experience I want to have or a place I want to go, I do it. I think that’s how I bring some semblance of normality to my life.”

He didn’t know how to handle the fame ‘Titanic’ brought him 

Even though DiCaprio had created a name for himself early in his career, he didn’t become a household name until he starred in Titanic. The James Cameron-directed film launched him into superstardom, although DiCaprio had no idea what was happening at the time.

“I really didn’t understand what fame was and I didn’t understand what being in a giant hit was and I didn’t understand what a giant hit ‘Titanic’ was compared to other giant hits,” DiCaprio told HuffPost in a separate interview.  

Because he was so young and had so few people to go to for advice, the experience was likely more stressful for the award-winning actor. 

“There was no rule book,” he said. “There was nobody to navigate me through the experience of being watched all the time and nobody to tell me how to be normal when everybody is acting and looking at me differently.”

Leonardo DiCaprio says fame can lead to social anxiety

DiCaprio also noted that it’s important to be aware of the thoughts and feelings that arise when dealing with fame.

“Look, if you’re not careful about it, it can develop into a social anxiety,” DiCaprio continues. “It’s like, what’s going to happen, what photographer is going to jump out where, what kind of thing am I being set up for? You try to talk yourself out of it, but you’re never used to it.”