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Life After Lockup is back. Season 3 of the Love After Lockup spinoff premieres August 27 on WE TV. Sixteen new episodes follow former inmates and their significant others as they navigate life together. They’ll deal with infidelity, financial stress, and parenting challenges, along with the complications of post-prison life. Here’s a rundown of the couples viewers will see this season on the reality TV series. 

Marcelino and Brittany return to ‘Life After Lockup’

Returning Life After Lockup couple Marcelino and Brittany have moved into their dream home in Las Vegas, which has enough room for all their kids and their dogs. Brittany is hoping to open a halfway house and become a peer counselor. But will her chosen career path mean spending too much time with other ex-felons? Plus, her choices could jeopardize both her family’s finances and her marriage. 

“The money’s gone,” Brittany tells Marcelino in a teaser for the new episodes.  

Stan and Lisa 

Lisa and Stan didn’t have the strongest start to their relationship. Stan, a retired millionaire, met Lisa on the “sugar daddy” website Seeking Arrangement, we learned last season on Love After Lockup. Not long after, Lisa ended up behind bars. Now, she’s out of prison, and she and Stan are trying to make things work. However, Lisa has questions about Stan’s financial status, and sometimes, it seems sex is the only thing keeping them together. Both are keeping secrets from the other, it seems.

“He’s a good liar,’ Lisa says in the teaser. 

Britney and Ray 

This Love After Lockup couple faces challenges when Britney doesn’t give Ray the space to enjoy his new freedom. She wants him to get a job, ask her to marry him, and become the father of her children as soon as possible. Will Ray be able to meet Britney’s expectations, or will he crack under the pressure? 

Lacey and Shane 

After getting married in Life After Lockup Season 2, Lacey and Shane are back for Life After Lockup Season 3. Lacey is her family’s breadwinner, but her income has taken a hit since she gave birth to her daughter Summer. Shane quits his job to help out with the kids, but when he starts to flake out on dad duties, Lacey gets worried, even forcing him to take a lie detector test. She fears he’s keeping relationships from her, and when his secrets come to light, the truth may jeopardize their future together.  

Daonte and Nicolle 

Viewers met Daonte and Nicolle in Love After Lockup Season 4. This season on Life After Lockup, they’re continuing to work on their tumultuous relationship. But things get complicated when Nicolle reconnects with her prison girlfriend, Tia, behind Daonte’s back. She wants to keep both relationships going, but at some point, Daonte may issue an ultimatum. 

Shawn, Sara, and Destinie 

Shawn, Sara, and Destinie’s messy love triangle continues this season. While Shawn — who claims he “doesn’t normally lie to women” in a first look video — was still pursuing inmate Destinie, he was also communicating with another woman in prison, Sara. Now, Shawn is convinced that Sara — whose release date is quickly approaching — is the one for him. But Sara has some secrets, while Destinie has not given up on Shawn. 

Amber and Puppy

Puppy has gone MIA after a messy breakup with Amber, who is now fearful she relapsed or is back in prison. Amber sets out to find Puppy, but will she be happy with what she finds? Meanwhile, both women have new boyfriends with criminal histories of their own. Will these four be able to stay on the right side of the law?

Kristianna and John

Screengrab of John and Kristianna from 'Life After Lockup' Season 3
John and Kristianna from ‘Life After Lockup’ | WE TV via YouTube

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John has promised Kristianna the Christian wedding she’s always dreamed of, including the perfect venue and the perfect dress. But will he be able to step back and give Kristianna control? Plus, Kristianna’s sister Terra is back in the picture and threatening to ruin the big day. 

“Have you ever flirted with her?” an angry Kristianna asks John. 

When the wedding day arrives, Kristianna’s past comes back to haunt her and threatens to ruin her chance at happiness. 

Life After Lockup premieres Friday, August 27 at 9 p.m. ET on WE TV.

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