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Many people in the U.K. and around the world mourned along with the royal family when Queen Elizabeth II died. Ten days after the longest-reigning British monarch’s death, her state funeral was held at Westminster Abbey in London. It wasn’t known until that very day if any of the Prince and Princess of Wales’ (formerly Kate Middleton) three children would be there.

On Sept. 19, 2022, prior to the start of the service, Prince George and Princess Charlotte were seen arriving with their mother. Here’s what a lip reader observed the siblings saying before heading inside the Abbey for their great-grandmother’s funeral.

Lip reader decodes what George and Charlotte said before walking into Westminster Abbey

Princess Charlotte and Prince George arrive at Westminster Abbey for the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II
Princess Charlotte and Prince George arrive at Westminster Abbey with their mother for the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

After getting out of the car the young prince and princess were ushered to clergy members who were standing outside ready to greet them. Lip reading expert Jeremy Freeman deciphered what the children said as they met the clergy gathered in front of the Abbey.

He told OK! that after the priest bent down to shake Charlotte’s hand, she replied: “Pleasure to meet you.” And according to Freeman, when the clergy members spoke to George he politely said: “Good morning.”

But that wasn’t the only comments lip readers saw from the eldest Wales children that day. Charlotte was later seen giving her brother specific instructions about what to do after the funeral when Queen Elizabeth’s coffin went past them.

What Princess Charlotte told Prince George to do as the queen’s coffin went by

Following the state funeral, Queen Elizabeth’s coffin left Westminster Abbey and made its final journey to Windsor. She was interred there after a committal service and private burial at the King George VI Memorial Chapel which is also the final resting place of her father, her mother, her sister, and her husband Prince Philip.

In a video widely shared that day, Charlotte could be seen instructing George on the proper protocol. And when cameras panned to the two, the princess appeared to tell her brother “You need to bow” when their Gan Gan’s coffin came past them.

Dozens of people commented on the adorable interaction of Charlotte letting her brother know what they needed to do.

“She’ll always be an advisor to him. This is lovely to see the roots of their adult relationship,” one person wrote.

“Princess Charlotte is already such a great leader! More together & professional than most adults,” another posted.

A third chimed in: “She’s the boss … Princess Charlotte is one of a kind, beautiful and smart.” And a fourth opined: “Charlotte is so much like our beloved late queen.”

Several commenters also discussed how much George and Charlotte reminded them of two other royal siblings.

“A sister that will guide her brother later when he becomes king. Like Princess Anne is to King Charles. A beautiful bond between them,” one said while a second added: “She will be like Princess Anne forever helping and [giving] guidance when needed.”